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Can you check the fruit – breast cancer health cancer hospital laboratory Sohu becomes the second fruit stand, oranges, apples, fruit juice, but not to eat so delicious. What is behind this "blockbuster" mystery?! It is said that after watching this program, it is possible to find a major health risks. How can I find out early? The answer lies in these fruits! Incredible? Expert: Ma Fei, deputy director of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Cancer Hospital, chief physician, Professor, Graduate tutor. Concurrently: Chinese Institute of the older tumor branch director general, Beijing society of breast disease prevention and health management of Specialized Committee chairman, vice chairman and director of breast cancer China Cancer Association Youth Committee of National Natural Science Foundation and the Doctoral Fund of Ministry of education experts at home and abroad, many magazine editors and other staff. Bear the National Natural Science Foundation, 863 and a number of major national research projects, more than 50 academic articles published at home and abroad, compile oncology monographs 8, 3 authorized patents, won the two prize of Beijing science and Technology Progress Award China anticancer association technology award, 7 scientific research awards etc.. Research interests: medical treatment of malignant tumors, especially in the comprehensive treatment of breast cancer and individualized treatment. Experts interviewed: Ma Fei, vice director of internal medicine from Zi Lin for you to read the health put his finger into the fingerprint map, two-dimensional code recognition, attention, WeChat Chinese Tumor Hospital of Medical Academy free subscription.相关的主题文章: