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Fu Yuanhui led the Asian Games, refused to over entertainment, shame the penultimate 1- Sohu sports led by Fu Yuanhui Asian championship, refused to over entertainment, shame first! Liu comprehensive observation today (November 17th), the 2016 Asian Swimming Championships swimming competition will be in full swing. The swimming competition will be the competition of 38 items, in addition to the 32 Olympic Games, there will be men and women’s 50 meters butterfly, backstroke and breaststroke non Olympic sports competition. Sun Yang and Ning Zetao did not participate in the game, as well as other Olympic medal winner of the Olympic Games, such as the winner of the medal, and then, he became the leader of the army, as well as in the world, and so on, as well as other Olympic medal winners, such as the Chinese people’s Republic of china. Among them, Fu Yuanhui will participate in the women’s 50 meters and 100 meters backstroke; Olympic silver medalist Xu Jiayu in the men’s 50 meters, 100 meters and 200 meters backstroke 3 projects; Olympic bronze players Wang Shun will also participate in the 200 meter freestyle, 200 meter and 400 meter medley relay race, the women’s bronze in the history of Jinglin in appearance the women’s 50 meters, 100 meters and 200 meters breaststroke project in three. For the Asian Championships, Fu Yuanhui practice very hard, even once injured. In October 18th, she wrote in micro-blog: swim training hypoxia stomach no internal injuries, walking flat fall, broken foot injury (omega????) well in bed and have a good rest for one day, give yourself face to add nutrients. There is no Everything is going smoothly. life, who is not a stumbling head broken and bleeding. Cherish not easily won the rest of the day, will continue to strength one hundred good training tomorrow! The dream is in front of you! Run without chasing it! Cheer Up! Come on. With the Olympic Games in Rio "field force", Fu Yuanhui’s fame, the fire was in a complete mess. However, excessive entertainment led training is not normal, scoresdeclined. Shortly before the 2016 fina short course world cup is the Beijing Railway Station, Fu Yuanhui after the Olympic Games, the first show, she took part in the three events, the result is not ideal. The 100 meter medley was the last first, the 50 meter freestyle second countdown. She was not satisfied with the result: the first was too bad. CCTV reporter told reporters after the game ranked first in the countdown, Fu Yuanhui looked very surprised: "countdown to the first?" Fu Yuanhui Really? I was the first ah?" Although this is not her strengths, or even a completely different project, but for a high level athletes, such a result is indeed too much. This, more reason is not systematic training, excessive entertainment consequences. Since the Rio Olympics "field force" fame, Fu Yuanhui has not been idle, but these are basically social activities and entertainment, which she also occupy a lot of energy. In a wilderness survival program, she waded across the river, bridge, and even eat snake meat, drink snake blood. In a cross-border program try to say the crosstalk, sending the expression package. Program on venus. Guest host. Well, the world championships Fu Yuanhui will participate in their own strengths and the main 50 and 100 meters backstroke, what kind of performance is worth looking forward to! After all, she is the 50 meter backstroke champion World Championships in kazan..相关的主题文章: