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"Game of Thrones" in the end like George · Martin’s "fantasy" in an account of ice [in September 19th the once a year in American television Emmy Awards ceremony. Among them, 23 nominations to lead the audience’s popular drama "power of the game" to get the best drama series award. In addition to the best drama, the power of the game also harvest the best screenplay, best director and other 12 awards. The sixty-eighth Emmy Awards ceremony site "HBO" (GAME OF THRONES), is the United States launched a television network produced a medieval epic fantasy drama. The play is adapted from the American writer George R.R.’s fantasy novel "the song of ice and fire" series (). It enjoys a history of the most successful HBO TV series called the TV series, was aired on 2011 still dominate the six annual Primetime Emmy Awards in six consecutive years to lead the Emmy winning Best Drama blockbuster awards etc.. The power of the game, the crew harvested thirty-eighth Emmy Awards, and made it the history of the most Emmy award winning TV series. However, this let countless people addicted to the drama but because the author has not updated subsequent to become a famous writer can fill the pit pit, the rest of life end is unknown. The whole world has been into the pit fans in 100 claws scratching heart outcomes. However, with regard to the development and future of the song of ice and fire, Martin seems to have an account in a fantasy fairy tale published in recent years…… [George] [] [Lewis] [Spain] · Roy painted the most representative of the most prosperous of the representative of the song of ice and fire, "the song of the" by R.R.. In fact, before more than and 20 years of writing career, ready to do the best and pave the way for "addict". For example, "addict" one of the themes of the season "chaos", as early as 1980’s fairy tale novel "ice" (the Ice Dragon) has done a similar setting. In October 2014, the world’s most successful science fiction and fantasy literature press TorBooks to Martin in his life only a fantasy fairy tale novel "ice" repackaging publication. Once the book was listed, that boarded the New York Times bestseller list. ("ice" ice "- video connection)" the world of ice and fire of the grand scroll appeared "ice" Chinese version listed since June 2016, less than 3 months, the emergency was reprinted 2 times, has been in hot pursuit of the many ice powder. The warmth of fairy tale fantasy, only "game of Thrones" the magnificent magnificent, no "game of Thrones" confused and bloody, but also by a lot of young readers, shouted go, very fun. Through the "ice" you will see, the prototype of the Martin modern orthodox fantasy world of ice and fire season of the kingdom of chaos, strife, heroes, dragon, the strength of the family, growing girl…… The same as "a song of ice and fire", "ice" Martin’s story is set in a fictional medieval continent. In the Tor Books release notes, made clear the "ice" and "a song of ice and fire" has a similar.相关的主题文章: