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3 Strategies To Create Video Based E-learning Solutions Posted By: Gireesh Sharma Technology is always the backbone when developing custom e-learning courses. Modern learners can now view a variety of e-learning solutions through different devices :laptops, mobiles, tablets or smart-phones. This opens the avenues of developing media rich content that has a strong impact on the learner, thereby fulfilling the foremost learning objective of any e-learning course. In this scenario, Video has become a popular media insertion in online training courses in the current scenario. Developers are always looking for ways of grabbing the learner’s attention and video is a sure-shot way of doing that. Here are 3 strategies that can be utilized to create impactful video-based e-learning solutions. Short learning nuggets are impactful Short bursts of video are more likely to have a sustained impact. Longer videos do not contribute to the overall learning objectives of an online training course. Short learning videos can be developed that encapsulate concepts or topics through a mix of minimalistic text and basic graphics. These videos provide a quick and instantaneous learning opportunity for the learner, which helps them gain quick knowledge out of an online learning course.

e-learning solutions Installed Vs. Cloud Based Learning Management System Posted By: Gireesh Sharma For the modern workplace, Training and Learning are very important. Employees need to acquire newer skills and knowledge on a continuous basis to be effective and continue to rise professionally. That is why most organizations take the process of training very seriously and Learning Management Systems (LMSs) are implemented to provide learners the opportunity to learn as per their own needs and pace. The adoption of eLearning software does however, me with its own sets of needs and overheads. Organizations need to devote certain amount of time and finances in managing a LMS. Even if the organization has a dedicated team to handle the change management that comes along the implementation of a LMS, most find it difficult to ensure widespread adoption and user satisfaction. Compared to Installed legacy LMSs, there are many benefits of implementing a Cloud LMS EUR" especially for smaller organizations who do not have the necessary support staff to manage or maintain the learning management system. Smaller organizations have limited budgets and with cloud LMS, you can make significant cost savings EUR" especially at the initial investments level.

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learning solutions Play At Work Posted By: Tata Interactive Systems "Menkaure Menkaure Menkaure!" the discerning roars resounded through the expanse of the Sahara, as the shadows of men hauled big slabs of stone for assembling a future world wonder. Two distinct teams chanted spiritedly, as they competed against each other to haul these slabs up the Pyramid of Giza. Cheers grew louder as the gang of "Friends of the Menkaure" moved ahead, seemingly in a position of victory. Although this was in the 5th Century BC, all that remained was a powerful vestige of victory upon the walls. This was indeed one of the most notable incidents of competition as a means of motivation. Play at Work! Due to the intricate nature of architecture, and the short timeline for development, the workforce was divided into two teams, each consisting of 2000 men. This was further divided into 5 phyles, each comprising 200 skilled/unskilled workers with gang names or titles such as "Friends of Menkaure", from the Menkaure Pyramid, or "Stepped Pyramid gang" in order to track progress, boost morale and mark achievements of these individual gangs. (The Myth of Ancient Egypt, Charlotte Booth) Signs of competition acting as motivators were not uncommon in the olden times;

learning solutions E-learning Outsourcing: Is It The Right Option For You? Posted By: Gireesh Sharma With an increased demand for quality e-learning solutions, a lot of organizations opt for the e-learning outsourcing option. With increased efficiencies and a resource pool of experts from every department that works closely in development of an e-learning solution, e-learning services companies offer solutions for the diverse need of clients from every industry. The clients often provide the base-material to develop the custom e-learning but a lot of times the e-learning services provider interacts closely with thought leaders within the organization and Subject Matter Experts to collate the necessary information for developing a custom e-course. While e-learning outsourcing may save an organization time and moneys, you need to weigh your options closely and decide if outsourcing e-learning services is really the right option for you. Outsourcing e-learning services will make sense for you if you are one of the following: Off-the-shelf Content Providers: Though a lot of organizations have a continuous demand for custom e-courses, a lot of training needs can be addressed by generic off-the-shelf courses as well. These include courses on soft-skills, communication skills, personality development and so on.

custom e-learning Types Of E-learning: Technology Enabled Learning For The Corporate World Posted By: Gireesh Sharma With advancement of technology and instant delivery platforms like Web 2.0, e-learning has gained huge popularity in all circles including corporate learning. E-Learning solutions deliver consistent, high quality and centrally track-able course material to a geographically dispersed workforce. The usage of advanced development tools makes creation of custom e-learning convenient and simple. To cater to increased need for quality e-learning solutions, companies also employ e-learning services from developers who have an understanding of the learning industry as well as an acquired knowledge of their domain. With the advent of mobile technologies, mobile learning is also becoming very popular in the learning circles. There are various types of e-learning solutions that can be employed to train your learners. Choose the type that best suits the needs of the learner, keeping in mind the available technologies that would help them access e-courses. Pure e-learning: In this type of e-learning, the learning material is made available to the learners via technology enabled platform like through a CD or a Computer-based training (CBT) which can be run on the learner’s system. E-courses can also be made available through Web-based trainings (WBT) which utilize the internet as the platform of learning delivery.

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Learnnovators The Challenges Of Lms Implementations And How To Overcome Them Posted By: Gireesh Sharma Training and Learning are crucial for the growth and success of all organizations "" big or small and across different industries. A Learning Management System streamlines learning and is put in place to manage the entire training process in an organization. Modern LMSs and e-learning software do that and more. As with any new system, there are some challenges in implementing an LMS. In this article, we share some of the challenges and some time-tested ways of overcoming them. "Choosing the right LMS There is a lot to choose from when talking of LMSs in the modern e-learning scenario. Most regular LMS can streamline content and deliver it to the learners as per their needs. They also keep a track of learner progress and can create reports on the same. But for organizations that need more, advanced LMSs are equipped to manage and render different types of content including audio recordings and videos. The media players are often built within the LMS to aid ease if use and also dispel security concerns.

Learning Management System Game Based Learning Making Learning Musically Beautiful Posted By: Gireesh Sharma Never bore your employees in the name of training. Organizations today need concrete training methods to help employees learn the work culture better. Training is important for keeping the workers informed about the ongoing drifts in the corporate market. The erudition process goes on in a firm till it survives. Employees learn things at every foot step of organizational work. Therefore it is necessary for firms to make the process a fun element in the workplace. This is because boring learning techniques never bring a healthy outcome to workers. And that’s the way it is. Ever heard of the above phrase? May be. But anyways it’s not a phrase. It’s the title line of a song by a popular artist "" Dion. The idea here is to kill the monotony in a learning process. How does a learning process become insipid and dull? It’s simple. Hanging on to the conventions does it pretty furtively. The workers do not even realize, when the training session becomes uninteresting for them. Learning is serious, learning is heavy, learning is all the devilishly important elements. That’s the image of learning in the minds of people. It all starts from schools.

game based learning Lms Elearning Is Your Ultimate Organizational Library Posted By: Gireesh Sharma Distance is never a barrier to learning When it comes to distance learning, one thing that comes to mind is an e learning service. With well equipped e learning systems, organizations can provide knowledge to a number of employees at a time, who are located distantly. For human resource departments e learning is a highly cost effective tool for training workers in organizations. Another reason for the popularity of this method of training is that, it enhances the learning outcome for employees. Also with the help of collaborative learning modules, training sessions can be conducted in a streamlined and systematic way. Collaborative learning service providers are technology oriented and use advanced innovative techniques for imparting learning to employees of various firms. Learning going social It’s the era of socialization. Everybody likes to conform to others. It is this urge for socialization that drives one to be familiar with views of others. Same is the case with organizational learning. Employees desire to learn socially and want to spread what they have learned to the whole world. This is one of the pivotal reasons for the large scale acceptance of LMS elearning among the corporates.

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social learning Slots Online Game Without Download Posted By: Travis Reynolds After a glimpse of the summer items, you can explore more at Barbie games. Discover more and have fun with mix and match. Look for the right outfit for the summer and enjoy the season. There are many websites which will supply you with cost-free flash game with regards to maths changing and rehearse. For anyone who is in pursuit of advanced schooling, you will know the requirement of ones GCSE test out. To prepare just for this exam, you might use the conventional process options for maths or you will make use of the particular maths arcade method. Reported by a trendy research, the specific retention linked to game-based knowing may be substantial in between teenagers. Game-based learning has been there for the while. Actually, educators are opting game-based learning how to trainer hard maths rules. Taking vacations is a luxury that people work hard to achieve. When people purchase a timeshare it is because they want to invest in their future enjoyment. If they experience problems with their timeshare (ie. lack of availability, fraudulent offers of discounts, poor customer service, etc.

flash drive Can Game Based Learning Boost Up Your Productivity? Posted By: Syed Amjad Ali Game based learning is one of the latest training AND learning technique adopting by many Corporate and Educational organizations. It is a progressive trend in technology aiding learning. The context of game based learning is to provide the audience interactive, stress free and entertaining learning. It can be distinguish into two parts :- a) Simple Game Based Learning b) Interactive Game Based Learning Well, it is clear that games always try to interact with audience by physically or psychologically. When it comes to the Learning through Games in Corporate, most of the designers plan to engage with psychologically. -Things to consider while designing the Game based learning course: Visual elements Psychological state of learner Learning style Encouraging behavior in Game Ideal solutions Audio elements Strategies of game play. How does Game based learning motivate the employees? Because of its unique character, game based learning can improve productivity if it is highly interactive and engaged with the learners. Games help learners to express themselves and gain the knowledge with built-in process. With the help of game based learning, employee can be motivated in the following areas.

Game based learning How Olpc Is Helping Spread Education? Posted By: ckondapally How OLPC is helping spread education? A strong basic foundation in primary education is the need of the hour for the children. Primary education plays a major role in shaping the lives of children. This education is the stepping stone in pursuing higher education and achieving future goals. Developing countries in the world face several difficulties in offering quality education to the children. Children staying in remote parts of these countries are the worst hit one, as they lack even basic facilities such as infrastructure. And where educational facilities are available, they are more of exam oriented rather than knowledge oriented. Another major factor is non availability of faculty. In several schools, the teacher student ratio is very disappointing. According to UNESCO Institute for Statistics (World Education Indicators Program), it is 1:40 or even more in some areas. This gives little chance for the teachers to concentrate on each student and impart education. In-addition, several children are dropping out of the schools due to various reasons such as poverty, poor understanding of the subjects and difficulty in learning the things and so on.

online courses The Power Of Interactive Learning That Can Change The World Posted By: Gireesh Sharma A form of knowledge enhancement that is commonly used on the Internet is known as collaborative learning. One individual can team up with another and share information and skills, so that both can learn from each other through forums, discussion boards and chats. This is an important part of learning, as teamwork is also based on the same principle. When ideas are shared, each individual contributes in his or her own unique way. The outcomes of the discussion can be evaluated through a learning management software, and accordingly feedback can be provided to the learner. If this feedback is given to a large number of individuals who interact through the online medium, this is known as social learning. This provides different perspectives towards a common problem, that helps to broaden the spectrum of thinking. Through the exchange of various views and ideas, individuals learn different approaches to handling a particular work situation, and this acts as a confidence booster for them. Learning is a never-ending process, and this can be clearly seen when e-learning solutions are used. However, care must be taken to purchase these solutions from an experienced vendor, so that glitches do not appear during installation.

Interactive learning E Learning Software And Its Role In Providing E Learning Solutions Posted By: Gireesh Sharma While in the olden days, companies and business organizations conducted workshops for imparting training to the employees, today, with the advent of new technologies these methods have become obsolete. A different concept of imparting training in the form of e-learning has taken place of the conventional workshops and classroom based training. For the last many years, training organizers are resorting to Learning Management Systems (LMS) for conducting training of the employees.As on-the-job training is intended to provide continuous learning to the employees, it is required that the process does not become tedious in the long run. The online education and training programs are not only exciting and interesting but it also saves a lot of time and is quite cost effective also. Moreover, interactive e learning tools has made it possible for the employees to participate in the question and answer (Q AND A) sessions and discussion forums which make the learning process easy and simple. This, further helps organizations to achieve a high-scale success in the employee training process.The innovative use of graphics, games and social networking sites has made training programs, these days, more fascinating, interactive and productive.

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