Gao Xiaoshan thin Yi ThinkPad t460s superior digital Sohu carmex润唇膏

Gao Xiaoshan "thin" Yi ThinkPad T460S superior Sohu [IT168] – digital shopping guide about the office, many business people feel enough, but in order to save the cost of a business may be the business over the years has not updated, the original appearance is low-key calm in this business, after several years of grinding, has low profile into the slag, the performance also has no advantage, in the boot can be used so that the original attitude should be efficient office into a creaking burden. In the end, but is the enterprise in order to save office expenses only, but eventually led to the enterprise, care for this and lose that The loss outweighs the gain. And now this business, in terms of performance, or appearance, not a few years ago the equipment can be compared, followed by the situation, renewal, or business of the new additions, the enterprise office has a greater significance, but in the choice, there is no doubt we will recommend ThinkPad T460 T560 T460S that is currently the most new ThinkPad T series of the office. So, why choose ThinkPad T series? ThinkPad is the classic business no one would argue, as the business end of the high-end T series has always been the preferred model of enterprise IT operation and maintenance department personnel, financial, human, not only because the ThinkPad T Series in the performance of outstanding, such as dual graphics mode; airframe manufacturing. T Series in materials is more strong, and has a higher security; in addition, the current ThinkPad T460 T560 T460S series of the business, the fuselage thinner in thickness and weight, more portable, for the business office, is the essential solution. Next, we use ThinkPad T460S as an example, detailed introduce the business, in appearance and performance, whether to meet the business needs of the office, as the elite believe you, the heart also naturally several. The ThinkPad T460s 14.1 inch ThinkPad T460s in appearance abandoned before the square of the fuselage, instead of using the wedge design is very similar to the ThinkPad X1 Carbon, which makes the whole body looks thinner, but also some more fashionable colors. Of course, in terms of body color, T460S uses the ThinkPad standard graphite color matching, business calm can give customers a professional impression. Body material used in the high-end carbon fiber + metal composite material, holding a more solid, one hand can easily grasp. It is not easy to fall off the hand during the meeting. In addition, this material and color, but also can effectively reduce the fingerprint residue, more tidy, to give customers a better impression. So for the IT operation and maintenance personnel of the enterprise, is not only a meeting, often need to travel to the field maintenance equipment, office conditions are not fixed, even often need to be placed on the ground, the rack, requires the notebook Naizang, strong, stable, safe, Thi.相关的主题文章: