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"Ghost" Ordos property to the inventory zoom trick: the introduction of real vote government public bidding housing levy "real ticket", "ticket room households receive" self selected "real vote" free transfer of property to the inventory in the power Ordos once known as the "ghost" of Inner Mongolia Erdos, prices from the price was broken million yuan to the current "lonely", but in five or six years. Recently, the "worker’s Daily" reporter learned that, to solve many problems existing in the process of the property to the inventory, Erdos in a series of policies "combined" resorted to new tricks — "the real ticket". "The real ticket" to the public no longer "speculation" living in the Ordos District of Dongsheng Road, Chen Shenglong was 62 years old, he has 20 years of living in the old house in the street community. The house fell into disrepair, every summer rainy season, often under the rain outside, the house under the rain". Over the years, Chen Shenglong has been hoping to buy a set of buildings, improve living conditions. But in front of Erdos in previous years, the prosperity of the real estate, Chen Shenglong can only "speculation". From 2006 onwards, in the coal industry funds, Erdos real estate prices began, in a year from 1500 yuan per square meter up to 5000 to 6000 yuan. The "Crazy", as long as there is the sale price, immediately robbed. Before the bubble burst in 2011, the average price of Ordos has reached 13 thousand yuan per square meter, and some areas even exceeded $20 thousand per square meter. And now with the housing bubbles, the reporter learned that, as of June this year, Dongsheng District, built in the construction of the project inventory of unsold area has reached 12 million 860 thousand square meters, of which only the unsold residential area reached 6 million 70 thousand square meters, 33 thousand and 900 sets. Under the weight of the inventory, the local resettlement into the property market to the inventory, the introduction of the housing ticket system. The real name ticket Erdos District of Dongsheng city housing exchange voucher, is paid to the housing levy main street; the ticket is land exchange voucher, is paid to land expropriation (Homestead) main street. These two tickets to buy a new house Chen Shenglong become a valuable document. After the introduction of the housing ticket system, Chen Shenglong immediately to the community for registration. In June 30th this year, Chen Shenglong will own 150 square meters of old cottage into a room of 189 square meters. After that, he used the room ticket in Ordos two different projects were replaced with two new houses. Today, Chen Shenglong is about to live in a new house. Par value is only a fraction of the prices high reporters learned that Ordos launched the "real ticket" ranging from 1 square meters to 100 square meters, a total of 7 denominations. Each room is marked with the number of square meters, lot type, per square meter price, payment deadline and other major information. Among them, the lowest value par classification "three sections" after conversion of housing prices for 3822 yuan per square meter, is only a fraction of the Erdos high prices. At the beginning of this year, in order to successfully implement the housing system, Ordos City, Dongsheng District, set up a special housing and land exchange certificate management settlement center, responsible for the East相关的主题文章: