Grab Your Razor Imod And Form An Electric Scooter Club!

Sports-and-Recreation Much to her delight, we gave our 9 year old daughter a Razor iMod for Christmas this year. Luckily, we live in southern California, so she can ride it all the time. She can now ride with her 3 other friends, who also have Razor iMod scooters. They announced last week that they want to form an electric scooter club! My wife and I wondered, "what the heck is an electric scooter club?"Granted, the girls ride constantly together, so the idea of starting a "club" seemed like a good fit. They are definitely a sight to behold in the neighborhood, as two of them have pink models, and all of them have matching helmets and knee pads.(of course) What also makes it kind of interesting to watch them, is that the Razor iMod has an iPod docking station, and an F.M. radio. So, it isn’t unusual to be "warned" in advance of their arrival, because it is frequently ac.panied by their favorite tunes. Luckily, for the neighbors, the motors are very quiet and they usually wear headsets. (but not always) At any rate, back to this "scooter club" idea. They approached all the parents with the idea of taking them to different destinations each weekend to ride their scooters together. It was a good idea in that we have numerous parks and bike riding trails in our area, and it would keep them off the streets. They suggested that the parents who have trucks could provide transportation, while the other parents would provide packed lunches. Wow, they really had the idea well thought out! The parents readily consented, and we set a date for the following Saturday to go to a large park on the outskirts of our town. So, on Saturday, we loaded up her Razor iMod, and we had the beginnings of an electric scooter club! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: