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Gray wild boundless prairie — self drive trip four days – Sohu in Beijing tourism in August, a friend who lives in a period of time, she said she wanted to go to the prairie one family to play, I will immediately help her to do it from the Beijing Raiders, find a local grassland — recent Kyoto dam on the grass original. Because the Bashang grassland is not far away from Beijing, plus we have three people, will drive, so we decided to travel by car. Before the trip, the first Baidu dam on the prairie in the end what is sacred? Kyoto Bashang grassland in Inner Mongolia plateau in the southeast, Greater Khingan Range south, Bashang grassland is an important part of the Inner Mongolia plateau. From west to East is mainly distributed in Zhangbei County of Zhangjiakou city east of Hebei Province, Hebei County of Fengning province to the north of the Xiaobaliang Huang Qi Zhen, Weichang County of Hebei Province town of farm machinery in the northernmost part of Xiaobaliang north of Ulan Buh grasslands over the border into Inner Mongolia after world. Belong to the scope of Bashang grassland. Travel on the area, divided into the main Zhangbei dam dam paddock, Fengning dam, Guyuan dam and. Fengning Fengning dam on the prairie is located in Beijing north of the Hebei province Manchu Autonomous County, is the closest to Beijing natural grassland, also known as "the first Fengning Beijing North Prairie", the first is the development of large town, Tan (Earth’s lungs), beach town is surrounded by grassland. Here is continental monsoon plateau climate, long winter, summer without heat, cool and pleasant, in July the average temperature of 24 degrees Celsius here, lush plants, rich and beautiful, clear, winter morning is different, travel, leisure, summer holiday destination. What is the grassland on the dam? Then pack your bags. Itinerary: the first day of 8 in the morning, starting from Beijing, is expected to arrive around the same day at about 2 p.m., stay in the inn, rest for half a day. Visit the sweat palace second days, to participate in the activities of the grasslands. The third day, to continue the grassland project. Grassland project is really a lot of fun to play, we do not feel like to go elsewhere, continue to stay here to play a variety of projects. He is so capricious. Fourth days, return back to Beijing. Preparation before travel: 1 Camera tools! Needless to say, so beautiful prairie, how can not take pictures. SLR with SLR, no SLR with a digital camera, no digital camera with a cell phone. My rookie camera is: Nikon D5300, lens 18-105, plus a 50 fixed focus, memory card two, battery two, a charger, a camera backpack. 2 large temperature difference between the morning and evening on the dam, it is recommended to bring more clothes. Thick pants and socks can also be on the ride when the more comfortable. The prairie strong sunlight, with constantly changing climate, hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, umbrellas, the same can not be less. Small flashlight, toiletries, medicine, car food, these can be based on individual circumstances with. 3 because it is self driving, car tools need to be complete, so as to ensure no accidents on the road. List: car repair tools, a set of spare tire and tire repair tools, car jack and air pump, tire wrench, fire extinguisher, trailer rope, parking.相关的主题文章: