Guo Jingming with the grand track Nanjing signings bursting with popularity lead fans screaming

Guo Jingming with the "grand track" Nanjing sing lead to screaming fans bursting with popularity (Sina Jiangsu) October 5th, Guo Jingming with a "grand track: Zero dust, fog and snow" "grand track: the eternal sea", "grand track dream" in Nanjing Xinhua Bookstore in Xinjiekou held readers will meet again when every years as a writer reader regression perspective, Guo Jingming still bursting with popularity, activities scene crowded, fans will queue the door from the six floor to the bookstore after before the event. The movie "grand track" launched earlier works are classified as "grand track:" zero dust and fog and snow "grand track: the eternal sea" volume two, compared with the previous works, the story plot was re break up at the beginning, middle and end are inserted into the tens of thousands of new foreshadowing and new hidden lines, words and sentences again crafted story story has also undergone a change, to bring readers a new reading experience. What is the story behind the scenes readers surprise Guo Jingming director 3D fantasy film "grand track" of the "grand track" also listed simultaneously in the dream, in view of the shadow at the same time, readers and fans will experience the whole process of film was born in this book. "Grand track" Guo Jingming "-" the second fantasy works. From 2009 the first "grand track" series began in the "most novel", a lot of people in this story is full of expectation. Guo Jingming said that the reason for the re amendment, because he did not want to start from the beginning of the year to break the story. Guo Jingming stressed that he was 25 years old, and at the age of 32, he is not the same mood. "Once a fancy rhetoric, it seems in adulthood, there is an indescribable awkward and cumbersome. In the process of RE modification, also found himself more and more concise description of love, tend to directly fight hand to hand with. A lot has not been set and had written serial haste when there is conflict, will have the opportunity to revise. Of course, there are some who think cool domineering set, now it seems to me that would be true." Asked in an interview with sina Jiangsu not coming out, why four or five years Guo Jingming said that writing has been continued, but these years of writing at slower speeds, "30 years old, no effort when young, vigorous, writing impulse than ever before." Since the fantasy blockbuster film "grand track" since the September 30th release, in the fierce competition in the national day of the schedule of a good box office. Excellent effects in the film, a grand view of the world, reality combined with CG shooting mode provides a hitherto unknown viewing experience for the audience, with young audience tastes also won the senior fans. In the interview, when talking about the difference between "grand track" and the movie version of the novel, Guo Jingming take the "time" made a vivid example, "" time "from the beginning who plays who announced, everyone will feel with their own imagination is not the same. But when the film is really present, everyone will feel that they have become the most fit in their imagination of the person. Though I can’t guarantee "grand track" must have this effect, but I believe the audience to see the "grand track", will think this is me)相关的主题文章: