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Guy Disney altered tickets 490 thousand profit experts say corporate loopholes tourists said, wicket staff did not verify the identity information, even check photos of the steps is also saved. As long as the two-dimensional code can brush, you can go in. Morning news reporter Yin Liqin morning news reporter Huang Huiqing Li Donghua             trainee reporter Wu Yixuan Xie Ceng tourists concern the ticket into Disney found tickets have been used to "hang" was finally solved: in less than a month’s time, to provide a technology company background support and management the staff for the park ticketing services, use of loopholes in the system, by tampering with the date altered than 2600 tickets, the money was 49 yuan. Recently, the Pudong New Area people’s Procuratorate on suspicion of theft, cover up, conceal the sins of the crime, the relevant persons involved in the approval of arrest. In this regard, Shanghai Disney Park responded that the case involves third party suppliers, not Shanghai Disney resort staff. Visitors should buy tickets through the official or official channels of the resort. The suspect is the ticket to provide background support for the morning of July 14, 2016, with a small friend came to Shanghai Disney Park, the park is ready to inform the park staff, before Ali travel Netcom Alipay to buy Disney paradise of electronic tickets has been a few days ago he was in use, not park. After Disney park staff survey found that the recent occurrence of such a situation has occurred, then suspected of internal ticketing related information stolen and tampered with to sell to others. After the police investigation, according to the website login IP    address; follow it, eventually in the unit Bai Moumou arrested, and arrested a number of counterfeit tickets to sell cattle offline sellers. Suspect Moumou, is a 90 university graduates. According to Moumou account, before the incident in Shanghai, Victoria sound information technology company to work, the company is to provide support and management of the Disney Park ticketing services, through the background can get the relevant records. Loopholes in the use of electronic tickets were obtained in June 2016, Moumou Moumou met a woman surnamed Ding, Ding gave him a Disney electronic tickets, asked to be able to do. Because of his job title, he wanted to try to do something about the software. The same day, Bai Moumou use loopholes in the system the success of the Disney ticket electronic ticket, ticket altered by tampering with the date, then the germination by using this method, the idea of profit. Bai Moumou using the Internet, WeChat and other information platform, release the sale of Disney ticket information, according to the number of the home needs to change, others have been booked and paid for the Disney electronic ticket date, the electronic ticket change orders after confirmation number and tickets through the two-dimensional code sent to the home email mailbox. Disney tickets at the official price of 499 yuan during the summer, the white so that each of the low price of about $280 sold to cattle, cattle and then sell to tourists. Because of these after the transformation of electricity 8相关的主题文章: