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Haitong Securities: long period of rising oil prices 5.85% focus on five types of investment opportunities Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money from the public, WeChat Petrochemical Haitong Author: Deng Yong, Zhu Junjun this week (10.3-10.7) in international crude oil prices rose 5.85%. October 7th, Brent oil prices closed at $51.93 barrel, up 5.85 this week, WTI oil prices closed at $49.81 barrel, this week, up 3.25%. Crude oil production agreement, U.S. crude oil inventories fell, North America hurricane warning to promote Brent oil prices rose this week, and exceeded $50 barrel. Oil prices: short-term shocks, the upward trend in the medium and long term. Since September 28th OPEC reached a freeze production agreement, crude oil prices eye-catching performance. As of October 7th, Brent oil prices rose 12.97% since the freeze agreement. Freeze production agreement continues, while the North American hurricane warning is expected to continue to support oil prices rebound. We look forward to the recent oil price breakthrough in the year 53-54 U.S. dollars a year high. The main factors that affect the oil price in the short term include: the implementation of crude oil production, the attitude of Russia and other countries on oil production and other factors. Prop up oil prices. Although short-term oil prices are still likely to shock, but we are optimistic about the long-term upward trend in oil prices. (1) decline in shale oil production in North america. At present, the United States seven shale oil block crude oil output by 4 million 400 thousand barrels a day, compared with last March highs fell 1 million barrels. After two years of low oil prices, oil shale or will enter the natural production decline period. (2) the continuous decline in oil and gas production expenditure. 2015 state-owned oil company oil and gas mining capital expenditure fell by about 25% on average, in 2016 is expected to continue to decline significantly. Continuous decline in upstream capital expenditures, its impact on the supply of crude oil is expected to show in the second half of 2017. (3) the cost of crude oil upgrading. We believe that the average cost of crude oil exploitation in the world 35-40 dollars. High cost of oil prices will also form a certain support. This week, the Hongkong stock market for oil and gas companies may be concerned about the eye-catching performance, A shares of Petrochemical Industries Co investment opportunities. September 30th National Energy Board issued on the issuance of shale gas development plan (2016-2020) Notice, plans in 2020 China’s shale gas production reached 30 billion, an increase of more than 5.7 times in 2015 compared to the 4 billion 500 million party. To achieve this goal, we expect the next few years, China’s shale gas investment will be significantly improved. Affected by this, at the same time, driven by rising oil prices this week, the Hongkong stock market for oil and gas well, the stock gains were: 4.96% week, PetroChina, Sinopec 8.45% Sinopec oil service 11.41%, China Oilfield Services 15.16%. Driven by the eye-catching performance of the oil and gas companies in Hongkong market, we expect A shares Petrochemical Industries Co achieved good market performance. Five types of investment opportunities under oil prices. We believe that the rebound in oil prices, the chemical industry benefit, can focus on five types of investment opportunities. (1) oil and gas exploration. Oil and gas exploration company相关的主题文章: