Hangzhou West Lake women’s patrol flexible enforcement of the new security perimeter network built – 519697

Hangzhou West Lake woman patrol security defense – build flexible enforcement tide Beijing Beijing September 20 Hangzhou Xinhua (reporter Shi Jiaxiu Intern Yang Yunyi) "aunt, bicycle forward near the little man trouble." "Go to the zebra crossing, pay attention to safety." Even Japan, Zhejiang Qiantang River surging tide, near the Hangzhou River Road side of the embankment of the Liuhe pagoda, crowded with waiting for the tide streams of people busily coming and going of the crowd, more than 10 people dressed in black uniforms Hangzhou West Lake women’s guard strode neat pace, patrol back and forth on the embankment. 16 days to 20 days, every day at 2 a.m., the average age of 24 years old, the average height of 168 cm for women on the embankment cross patrol patrol. They are a group of three people, tens of meters apart, management of the Hangzhou River Road Jiuxi, tide in order to provide services for tourists. Pictured Hangzhou West Lake women’s team members to help visitors to deal with wounds. He Jiangyong photo of the women’s patrol team members of the management services mainly from small start, including the management of visitors order to stop tourists uncivilized behavior, security alerts, etc.. Each team member has a life permit and has been trained in life saving. Reporters saw the patrol were fully armed". Their right shoulder with law enforcement recorder, the waist pocket with visitors to spare garbage bags, paste, paper towels, two players carrying the box. "These days the paste prepared more, because the more crowded, people met railings there will be a small wound. There are Huoxiangzhengqi water, Yunnan Baiyao, pediatric emergency fever paste etc.." Team Bao Linzhi carrying a medicine chest, drug Goods are available in all varieties., can come in handy at any time. No one was hurt when the tide came. 59 year old Yang Hongxiang lives in gongchenqiao, because not far from the bus to the Six Harmonies Pagoda and so choose the river side of the road on the banks of the tide. But because of lack of attention, on the bus side of the stairs fell, elbows and knees, upper lip, chin bleeding, bruising a big hand. Several women patrol rushed, hurried out, alcohol, cotton gauze, adhesive tape from the medicine box to carry, aunt sitting in the medicine box on the arm. They asked aunt pain, while carefully wipe the wound with warm water, tied gauze, in order to go to the hospital to deal with the next step. Pictured Hangzhou West Lake women’s team members to help visitors to deal with wounds. He Jiangyong took a look at a few of his bandaged his wounds, Yang Hongxiang said: "we are good in Hangzhou, the players are very good, and this is really serving the people." About 3:30 in the afternoon, the tide Qiantang River finally came to the river road tide has been set, although the isolation zone, but a wave down or be caught off guard a dozen tourists. A part of the team assembled quickly, arm from the fall of the visitors, small wound treatment of tourists, ordered the evacuation of the crowd, to help visitors find off glasses, mobile phone…… Hangzhou West Lake Scenic Area Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau deputy secretary Yu Feng said, the woman patrol show is a kind of soft power to persuade and service, he hopes to guide tourists civilized behavior tide. (end)相关的主题文章: