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UnCategorized Planning a wedding is one of the most nerve wracking, intense, and satisfying times for a young bride. There is so much to think about. What types of invitations to use? Who to choose as her maid of honor? What dresses to convince the bridesmaids to wear? Where to have the wedding ceremony and reception? It’s enough to make even the most level headed bride a mass of nerves. Here are a few wedding planning ideas to help the bride de stress during this time. One of the best wedding planning ideas that help a bride to bring her stress levels down is to get friends and family to help her with the small stuff. Need help picking out what flowers to use as a centerpiece? Allow your maid of honor to chose three choices for you. All you have to do then is to chose the one. No time to address all those invitations? Perhaps one of your bridesmaids wouldn’t mind writing a few addresses. Another one of the great wedding planning ideas to kidnap the bride and make sure she takes a day to pamper herself. Perhaps a day of window shopping would bring a smile to her face. A day of pampering at the spa is always a great wedding planning idea to get the bride to be to relax and breathe a sigh of relieve. Or perhaps a day simply lounging in a hotel watching old movies would bring her spirit back. Sometimes, even though all her friends are helping, even though both mothers are offering their best support, a bride needs something more. Perhaps one of the easiest wedding planning ideas to bring a smile to the face of the bride is to simply go out on a date with her fiancee. It doesn’t take much; perhaps just a nice dinner out, or going to a quick play. Spending time with the man who stole her heart is a great way for the bride to remember just why she decided to marry this man This one of the wedding planning ideas is perhaps not the most popular with the crowd, but it is guaranteed to allow stress to leave the bridal party, at least for a while. Instead of focusing on the fairy tale wedding, perhaps the best choice available is to scrap the whole thing. Instead, take the groom a best man, maid of honor, and fly to Vegas to do the honors. Granted, the newlyweds will have to deal with the family when they get back, but having the wedding taken care of will be a huge load off her mind. No matter which wedding planning ideas you use to help your bride bring her stress levels down, be sure to take advantage of at least one of them. This time, she should be concentrating on her new life with her husband to be, not stressed out to the max. So bring a smile of relaxation to her face, and try to lighten her load. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: