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Henan Xinxiang City, a car ran a card shooting police 3 people caught 1 people at large – Beijing JINGWAH Times News (reporter intern reporter Zhang Heng Chen Yujing) yesterday morning, Henan Traffic Management Bureau of Xinxiang city police in pursuit of a red card of the black car, the car man was shot, but fortunately no one was injured. As of press time, the 3 suspects were arrested, 1 people still at large. Xinxiang City Public Security Bureau yesterday informed that at 8:40 in the morning, Henan Xinxiang City Public Security Bureau Traffic Management detachment of police on duty at the intersection of Plains Road and State Road 107 and a black KIA K5 car without a license, the driver ran a card after fled to Yanjin county north of the village land in urban and rural areas of Korea, rollover into the roadside ditch, three or four men the corn fled south from the car down. A net transfer of Henan Province Public Security Bureau Command said the suspects abandoned the vehicle and fled all around the age of 30, of which 1 suspects to the police shooting, the suspected gunman body is thin and flat. Witnesses said yesterday morning, 307 State Road, a few kilometers south of the village were blocked. There are at least more than and 30 police cars, hundreds of Swat, armed police alert. Korean Village broadcast to the public notice, the villagers do not want to go out, not to the corn field. "There are armed police with dogs search next to corn, and corn in UAV hovering". Xinxiang Municipal Public Security Bureau Command Center staff said that no one was injured in the shooting process, the type of gun is not confirmed. Xinxiang City Public Security Bureau informed that, after the scene, found the car a crowbar, hammer, wire pliers and other tools of crime. The public security network query, the owner Yang Xia, who Guannan County Department of Jiangsu Province, Lianyungang City, the son of Yu Jiuhua and her husband in Hongze for criminal record personnel, judge the personnel on the car has a major crime suspects. 10 last night, the reporter learned from Xinxiang City Public Security Bureau, at present, the 3 suspects were arrested, 1 people still at large.相关的主题文章: