Hide and seek push special edition decrypt social security hot topic (video) coscoqd

"Hide and seek" push special edition decrypt social security caused by hot topic "hide and seek" the Tencent to decrypt the entertainment news directed by Liu Jie, Wallace Huo, Hailu Qin and Qian Wan starred in the suspense thriller "hide and seek" are the major theaters aggressively. In addition to the film itself felt in the viewing experience, reflecting the social security problem is a hot topic, the film today launched the "decryption series", with news in the form of the new interpretation of the movie plot, where the characteristics of this film is made of news events, more authenticity and warning effect. "Decryption series" fun news column on the screen of dangerous legal metaphor in real life "played hide and seek" the launch of the decryption feature, uses a common form of TV legal program, simulation of social news program form, with just 3 minutes to the film highlights important clues and one by one the show: the mysterious symbol represents the invasion Dundian sign, peace was the dark family residents also peep; home without missing one after another, the protagonist’s brother also lost whereabouts; mysterious and unusual behavior helmet and Su Hong at the moment and coincidence…… From this feature can be seen, the film appears around the protagonist of "Zhang Wei" personal family life, but hidden behind a series of city residents missing huge social cases, abnormal phenomenon is not accidental coincidence, signs of the house symbol seemingly harmless may hide a fatal crisis, all the clues together to Lenovo to real life will make people shiver all over though not cold. The reality of the plot is closely related to everyone’s daily life, and the crisis seen on the screen today may be around tomorrow. The discussion of the release of the film since the last week caused the film aggressively nearly a week of City family security, the heat rising, in addition to excellent performance challenges viewing limit horror feelings and actors, the story itself caused by the city housing security has become a hot topic in the concept of the movie. Night is tracking, go out and claim the unknown express and forget to lock the door when the child alone in the car scene appeared in the film medium, let alone a lot of women and young parents after viewing a lingering fear, security problems can be always lurking in the daily every day movements. Many viewers said, in the film, unknowingly have enhanced safety awareness, will carefully check the locks before going out, not random stranger knocks response to takeout courier door-to-door service is also more careful, especially with children, young parents, said after viewing on children’s safety issues more attention, aware of the danger in fact, probably between a casual neglect. "Family security education" "hide and seek" the film has continued to hit nearly a week, how to ensure their own safety in women living alone, young parents with children in daily life and outdoor activities and what problems need to pay attention to, all the answers, in the movie "hide and seek". (Tencent news app movie channel, global convergence, good movie information recommendation, more national Tongdui movie, Hollywood movies send non-stop around!)相关的主题文章: