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Hilary appeared Arsenal theme bar gun fans: will vote for her – Sohu sports Hilary appeared Arsenal theme bar presidential election in the United States by the global attention. Recently, one of the candidates Hilary – Clinton campaign in Miami, appeared in an arsenal theme bar, gun fans said they would consider voting for Hilary. This bar is located in Florida, Miami, the bar inside the Arsenal shirt, flags, scarves and other fans of the product decoration, it is clearly an arsenal theme bar. When Hilary appeared in the bar, can not help but think of Hilary is also a gun fan? Arsenal fans have said they will consider voting for Hilary, just as the fans have been supporting Wenger. So far, however, Hilary has not made it clear that he is an arsenal fan. But in British politics, there is a politician A Senna is loyal, he is the leader of the British Labour Party Corbin, he once had such Madness: in the British Parliament launched a certification to A Senna as "the best team in the world" move, the final vote did not pass, only to give up. (Ma Di)相关的主题文章: