How does IPO help the poor to become a speculation Test of regulatory wisdom

How does IPO help the poor to become a speculation? Sina finance regulatory intelligence test App: Live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn will always let you influence falls Chinese Entrepreneurs Network [Abstract]IPO poverty alleviation new on the market how are you? And how to avoid side effects? The | editor Mina | Wang "sometimes I still feel very uncomfortable, Chinese is always a bit quick. In the current capital market environment, there are still a lot of speculators, most afraid of the last turn into a poor county IPO listed resources predatory action." Xiangcai securities analyst Livy (a pseudonym) on the poverty alleviation Commission recently released new regulations, it said. In September 9th, every Friday the Commission on a regular press conference, the Commission published the "China Commission on capital markets play a role in the national strategy of poverty alleviation service opinion" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), the views put forward to give full play to the role of capital market in the service of national poverty alleviation strategy, to meet the conditions of the poor area enterprise IPO, three new board listing, issuing bonds, mergers and acquisitions and other open Easy Access ("reported that the trial, that is" policy). After the release of this policy, the stock market opened on the first day, that is, in September 12th, A shares have a sharp oscillation. The Shanghai Composite Index intraday breakdown of the 3000 bit integer, Shenzhen stock index and the gem index both recorded a decrease of more than 2%, industry sector closed down in full. Late to close at 3021.98 points, compared with the previous trading day down 56.87 points, or 1.85%. Shanghai and Shenzhen stock market stocks fell two, only more than 200 varieties of transactions rose. ST excluding stocks and shares not share reform, the two cities only 20 stocks daily limit. All industry sectors fell. Comprehensive class, trade services, nonferrous metals, IT and other sectors recorded a larger decline of more than 3%. Only the day of the electricity sector fell below 1%. Opinions for poor county entrepreneurs, is certainly good. But for the two market investors and brokers, but it is not a good news. From the stock market decline in September 12th can be seen. "The fear and unfairness in our hearts may be due to the disappointment of the allocation of resources from the market." Livy said. On the Commission’s new deal, the reporter also interviewed the relevant fields of lawyers and investment banks in Beijing, but have been Tai Min feel inconvenient to talk about the grounds of refusal. At present, the Commission on poverty alleviation of the new deal, the market appeared several concerns: first, excessive policy support, increase the poverty-stricken counties not willing to "get rid of" intention; two, the Commission gave the green light to the impoverished counties to IPO enterprises, or cause does not meet the qualifications listed companies listed shareholders, damaging the interests of investors the three is now listed on the queue; thousands of enterprises, the new deal will make a large number of enterprises get together to seize the impoverished county, listed resources; four, effect of shell resource market. One of the important value of shell resources is to be listed through the shell of the main resources to bypass the IPO queue, and the quality of the enterprise can be registered in the theory of poor counties directly to the exclusion of the theory相关的主题文章: