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News-and-Society Ken.h Copeland Ministry (KCM) is perhaps one of the biggest ministries today, with work spanning from the United States, Australia, Africa, Europe, Canada, and Asia Pacific. Established in 1967, it continues to proclaim the message "Jesus Is Lord" through various ministries all over the world, focusing on faith, love, healing, prosperity, and restoration. Founder Ken.h Copeland did not originally start as a minister. In fact, he was a budding recording artist. His record Pledge of Love spent several weeks on the charts and peaked at Billboard #12. He also appeared in several music magazines. However, when his wife Gloria found the Bible given to Ken.h by his mother, she started to read it and decided to offer her life to God. Ken.h then followed suit by giving up his music career and moving to Oklahoma to pursue studies at Oral Roberts University in 1967. As part of the flight crew for Oral Robert’s tent meetings and crusades, he learned so much and became so inspired to start his own ministry for the Lord. His first venture was with the TV program "Believers of Voice of Victory" which first aired on television in 1979. As the followers of KCM grew, they started to explore and serve in other ministries as well. One of which is the Prayer Ministry, which prays for over 11,000 people every week. They even make it a point to call about 2,000 people to respond to prayer requests. They also opened a 24-hour prayer line. Another ministry they have is the Prison Ministry. About 52,000 prisoners in Texas and Louisiana receive Bible studies and prayers and are encouraged to have their lives restored through God. Another major ministry is the Ken.h Copeland Ministry Relief Fund, which spearheads donating food, clothing, and financial assistance to victims of calamities. Another unique ministry is the Military Ministry, which serves as a support groups, offering prayer and counseling for families of troops and soldiers. They continue to air their television program, and have even expanded to podcasts and online streaming through their website. However, the ministry was rocked with controversies from its teachings to its use of donated funds. A few years ago, their "World Faith Movement" received criticism for their claims on faith healing, and for teaching that believers could get a hundredfold return for their donations, implying they are using Biblical verses to convince people to fund ministries. In 2007 the couple also allegedly used their $20 million Cessna Citation X jet for personal trips and gave Rolls Royces to their staff. They In 2007 the couple also allegedly used their $20 million Cessna Citation X jet for personal trips and gave Rolls Royces to their staff. KCM was asked by US Senator Chuck Grassley to divulge financial information on their ministry. The Copelands then released "Financial report from Ken.h Copeland Ministry," done by an independent audit firm, and launched a website to help explain their side. The Ken.h Copeland Airport in Texas, which was established through this ministry, continues to serve as gateway for KCM’s mission trips. From such humble beginnings, KCM continued to grow and expand all over the globe. Together with daughter Kelly Copeland Swisher and son John Copeland, CEO of KCM, The Eagle Mountain International Church and worldwide partners, the ministry strives to pursue the heritage of proclaiming Jesus is Lord. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: