How to detonate a rocket in SpaceX style to restore the truth before launch-borderland

How to detonate a rocket in SpaceX style: the restoration of truth should know before the launch of space enthusiasts: since the media platform from SpaceX in September 1st, the explosion accident has been in the past two months, the accident investigation report has not yet been finally released, but · Elon Musk accepted an exclusive interview with CNBC process; in the recently revealed in the final cause the accident, in order to explain the space history there has never been a mysterious explosion, we have a translation of foreign language parsing articles, hope for your faq. And after the completion of the investigation to resume the latest news, see the text of the home page after the president’s daily nagging. JonathanBarnhart: Flying_Pencil, if you forget what happened in September 1st, watch this video! The cause of the accident, gradually surfaced, the reason is in direct contact with a small amount of COPV ultra cold curing liquid helium in the charging process, with helium filled, metal liner gradually expanded and extruded into solid oxygen being coated with carbon fiber, the final two chemical reaction caused by explosion. This eliminates our concern about the design flaws before, only a slight modification of the filling process, so that the tragedy can be avoided, it seems that in December the re fly closer and closer. So far, for the bizarre incident in September 1st, I have not seen the introduction of the final investigation report. But when Elon Musk in CNBC · recently; on a few words repeatedly mentioned in his interview, it blew my mind. He said the liquid helium and solid oxygen. This let us what an important interview is to understand their situation, why SpaceX can be so confident of their judgment: the Falcon -9 rocket in the next month (December) emission recovery. The crash of September 1st was more than just a launch, but an ideal for rocket multiplexing. It has been a long time, we know that the explosion was caused by the composite overwrapped pressure vessel "(COPV Composite, Overwrapped Pressure Vessel), -9 (the Falcon rocket COPV made of aluminum and carbon fiber shell lining, the lining is isolated from the container inside and outside, the strength of carbon fiber wrapped by the outside.). COPV is a jar for holding gas under high pressure. The Falcon -9 rocket, which is used to save helium. Helium is widely used in the Falcon -9 rocket, such as tank pressure and separation. COPV is not a new thing, it has been used in rockets for decades. The weight of the structure and mechanical properties of COPV is very good, which is mainly composed of fibers, so in some respects the nature of it tends to fabric instead of metal. A mission after the Falcon 9 rocket COPV drop from the clouds, you can clearly see the bottom of the carbon fiber is exposed, the adoption of the fiber package is Aluminum Alloy, concrete process and alloy is here I want to say.相关的主题文章: