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Wealth-Building As a coach, trainer or therapist, you have specialist skills which are in demand by clients. But how do you find clients who are truly hungry for what you have to offer as you begin the journey to achieve financial freedom ? Keywords are the all-important way of getting started in a profitable niche market. Use the Google keyword tool to identify monthly search volumes you should be looking for a minimum of 100 local searches per day but not more than 2000. This is what I like to call the sweet spot a search volume which can generate sufficient traffic to your website, but not so much that the .petition will be intense. Registering a web domain name using the exact keywords in the sweet spot will enable your website to feature on the first page of Google and even in first place relatively easily. Once there, you will generate free traffic to your site whenever prospects search the web using your keywords. To be most effective, keywords should relate to a specific niche market. A niche market is one that targets a certain demographic group often around a specific interest. Its a slightly counter-intuitive approach to marketing, as you might think that the best thing to do is to promote your product or service to the widest possible audience. However, when you target a specific segment of the market, people in that segment who visit your site will be more than averagely attracted to what you have to say and are much more likely to buy. Youre automatically pressing their hot buttons. Perhaps an example from my own experience might help. My first weight loss website is at The AV Diet.. and offers my health and weight loss approach to anyone searching using the word Diet. Although this is keyword has a large number of monthly searches, its also highly .petitive and is therefore very difficult to rank on the first page of Google. As I became a more sophisticated internet marketer, I set up many different sites using keyword rich domains in more specific niches such as HowToLoseABeerBelly.. which targets mid-life men. One of the easiest ways to get some inspiration about your hungry niche market is to take a stroll down the magazine isle in the newsagent or supermarket. Every magazine is targeting a niche market and the likelihood is that if theres money to be made publishing a magazine in this specific niche, itll be profitable from an inter. marketing perspective too. If theres a magazine, theres a hungry crowd its that simple! Start by picking something you feel passionate about and make sure its a profitable niche by doing your keyword research as explained above. This way, you are far more likely to achieve financial freedom as a coach, trainer or therapist and will also experience a great deal more joy and fulfillment on the journey. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: