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How to select kiwi fruit it? _ Chongqing net _ kiwi is not only the name of strange, also contains rich nutritional value and efficacy, is an excellent fruit. The Chinese Nutrition Society recommends that adults consume 100 milligrams of vitamin C a day. It seems that every day to eat a kiwi, do not worry about their own dimensional C intake is not enough. That how to select Kiwi? Following a small series together to see it! Kiwi fruit when there is no apparent change in color, many people do not know how to choose. Here, Xiaobian teach you to pick a few kiwi skills. 1, first look at the shape. General appearance in full size, uniform color, close to the yellow skin, generally is a symbol of the relatively long duration of sunshine, then there would be some more sweet kiwi kiwi, and also to choose the head pointed that, as it is generally used to less hormone. 2, look at the feel. Generally when choosing a kiwi, pay attention to the surface is complete, there is no sag, elastic, if local or overall soft, not recommended selection, because general local soft words, without putting, easily broken, don’t pick. 3, look at the color. When choosing a kiwi, recommend picking peel was brown, shiny is better, and the hair on the skin is not easy to fall off as well, like this type of fruit is sweet and sour. 4, look at the size of. Generally not most of the fruit is more sweet, generally do not blindly choose in the selection of large fruit, small fruit in the taste is not bad in large fruit, unusually large general is not recommended if the selection of fruit. 5, smell the aroma. Fully ripe kiwi fruit, soft texture, accompanied by aroma, which is suitable for eating. If the substance is hard, no smell, no mature. If the fruit is soft, or a like state, and smell and is overripe or rotting performance. The kiwi used plastic bags not cooked soft seal, laid under normal temperature for 5 days, the general can natural aging. For the kiwi, it is best to wrap it in plastic bags and keep it in the fridge.相关的主题文章: