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How to stimulate innovation? Sohu is a science and technology prices in the domestic each big city turns up, one side is the winter capital venture under company contract, make a witticism popular "entrepreneurial innovation rather than housing, housing cover". In the eyes of entrepreneurs, this contrast is just a stage of irony, entrepreneurial innovation for the long-term significance of economic development and value is far from being able to buy. For real entrepreneurs, the effective stimulation of innovation is the most concerned about things. The innovation of the enterprise culture will not only stimulate Everfount innovation projects, will also attract innovative talents, to form a positive feedback mechanism, make enterprise. Many great companies have a very strong innovation culture, Google is one of them. Google is Apple’s market capitalization after the company is the company of science and technology innovation, has many black technology products, including unmanned aerial vehicles, AlphaGo robot, artificial intelligence to the global networked Project Loon, Project Wing, 3D modeling of UAV Project Tango. These are the most mysterious Google Corporation Google X sector, in which the people who work, are Google from other high-tech companies, major universities and research institutes dug experts. The legend of Google X has a list of 100 high-tech innovations in the future, Google X R & D team to follow up on these innovations may produce a great technological leap. Even some black technology also can not see the earnings prospects, but cool products let Wall Street investors are very optimistic about the future of Google products, this is the innovation of cultural value of Google Corporation. Chinese entrepreneurs have long been aware of the importance of maintaining innovative culture, network technology CEO Chen Lei is one of the best. Network technology is the enterprise incubator thunder heart, CEO Chen Lei was president of the Tencent of the cloud, with rich management experience and experience in the cloud, he worked at Google and Microsoft, the American company’s culture of innovation deep understanding. But he did not simply copy the Google in the Chinese culture, but to establish new suitable China with enterprising enterprise culture. China’s science and technology enterprises also pay more and more attention to the corporate culture. They are determined to use technological innovation to change the world. Network technology is how to ensure the innovation of the enterprise? CEO Chen Lei has revealed his business since the exclusive experience in an interview, the innovation of the enterprise culture, organization structure, incentive mechanism, assessment mechanism and personnel structure, so that the power of innovation rooted in the organization, to create a combat amazing entrepreneurial team. 1, bottom-up construction of corporate culture first, the network of science and technology attaches great importance to corporate culture, and is built from the bottom up. At the beginning of the same company and the traditional corporate culture is the management of the company developed, but soon found that this does not really represent the heart of the network. So the birth of a new democratic discussion by the heart of the network staff.相关的主题文章: