Howard 6 points off two Eagle wizards overtime battle capture 76

Howard 6 points off two Eagle wizards overtime battle captures 76 people get 6 points of Warcraft easy win Eagle sina sports news Beijing time on October 7th, Dwight Howard made her first appearance in a new club, the eagle away win over Grizzlies; 76 battle two overtime, lost to the wizards. The following is a summary of the two games: 104- 83 – Howard Dwight Eagle Memphis for the Hawks scored 6 points and 7 rebounds, Denis – schlauder 9 points, 7 points Kell coval. Substitute for the 15 – point – Walter Andre, with a score of $10, and de – La di – 12. DJ- Stephens debut, the Grizzlies had 13 points and 8 rebounds, Mark – Gasol,, substitute for the appearance of the Troy – Williams 15 points. Howard’s eagle shirt is not used, his No. 8 Jersey is more garish. Before the start of the game, Howard and his old teammate, a few words, but did not play on the pitch, but Parsons Parsons. Shortly after opening, Howard alley OOP layup, then fill in a ball, the eagle to start 8-0. The first day Howard scored 6 and seemed to adapt to the system, they lead to 23-20. The second section Howard failed to score, missed two free throws, two were missed, reminiscent of him or that bad free throw. Nevertheless, the first half of the Hawks to 49-46 lead. After the main break, the hawks in the second half of the second half of the force. In the third quarter of the last 100 seconds, they hit a wave of 8-0, with 81-66 to achieve a score of 15 points. The last section of the eagle was 98-75 lead 23 points, losing the suspense. Wizards 125-76 119 (2 OT) Marcin Gortat wizards scored 17 points and 6 rebounds, markieff – Maurice 12 points, Bradley – Bill 9 points. Substitute Kelly Aubrey scored 24 points, Sheldon 20 points Maikelilan. Joel de embid played only 12 minutes, 5 points and 3 rebounds, rookie Dario – Saric 14 points. Substitute Jon – Holmes scored 20 points and 12 rebounds, Jeremy – Grant 17 points, Hollis – Thompson 15 points. Nebid first played well, he can use a variety of ways to score, the opponent impossible to guard against. The Celtics even made a clip on him. However, his playing time is still strictly limited, only played 13 minutes. Today, even less than 13 minutes, in a limited period of time, he also has a good performance. Today Nebid two shots are relatively close to the basket, this is the boss want to see. 76 people to start a wave of 11-0, and wizards in the game after playing for the first time after scoring for 4 minutes. The first section of the 76 people to take advantage of 30-21. The Wizards then continue to narrow the gap, Burke hit a buzzer three points in the first half they only 49-54 behind. In section third, the Wizards was ahead, Kavington will be at the end of the quarter hit a record three points, 76 talents to lead again 74-72. Wizards start with a wave of fourth 8-0)相关的主题文章: