Hu Ge Yang Mi Yuan Hong with the three box! Reunion is not far away from here. zngay

Hu Ge Yang Mi Yuan Hong with the "three" reunion box! Not far? The deer Tycoon (reproduced from the public number [] series can say: junengshuo) November 6th is a memorable day! Although I thought that one day will come true, but did not expect to really see…… Yes, Hu Ge, Yang Mi [micro-blog] [micro-blog] Yuan Hong, [micro-blog], "three" group of three people with a box. Although there are three people next to one, but to see Hu Ge, with the box of the same box, is a long time to see the "Yang Mi" of the! Hu Ge and Yuan Hong in the same box too much, not surprising; but Hu Ge Yang Mi’s box is really too rare, especially in recent years, Hu Ge Yang Mi’s "popular" all the rumors, Hu Ge and Yang Mi also did not flow out! Did not expect to see!!! A few people are attending to participate in certain activities, with EVA power power of more than one photo, was photographed together. Whisper to remember the 2005 "Strange Tales from Liaozhai of Xiaoqian"? Remember Yang Zixi? The large power power is love Fox, her micro-blog introduced so far is "there is a fox, happiness, gratitude, contentment, love" at that time, although Yang Mi childish, but beauty is not reduced ~ that when Hu Ge Yang Mi first, interpretation of the story of Nie Xiaoqian and the 2009 ~ Ning Hu Ge, Yang Mi Yuan Hong, Liu Shishi, Wallace Huo, Tang Yan, [micro-blog] [micro-blog] and the cooperation in the "Legend of Sword and Fairy three". Yang Mi is one of the role of pretty cute but also to pure and good ~ Tang Xuejian Hu Ge is one of the role of Ichii Kemitsuma also chivalrous gas of Yongan when a small boy orpine. Yuan Hong is Yinlei Lingzhu with psychic powers in thunder ~ silently care Xuejian behind ~ at the same time, Yang Mi and Hu Ge "or" three Temple in Xi and Erigeron and Sedum than with hsuehchien ~, Xi Yao canadensis and let me love ~ "three" after many years…… Finally see "live long see" the same box series! My "immortal" complex ah, is also a little comfort! Today Hu Ge Yang Mi Yuan Hong this picture really gave me hope, the feeling can expect day to see "three" reunion of the crew. Maybe it will come true! All the "three" of the fans, can follow me slowly next "three" crew reunion ~   (commissioning editor: vhaha) statement: exclusive articles, the prohibition of unauthorized reprint.相关的主题文章: