Hunan public number heat index week list released sunshine discipline eye-catching performance-rosstallanma

Hunan public number heat index week list released this eye-catching performance review discipline sunshine week list, by the analysis of large data index CLS issued jointly with Tencent Hunan network platform. Were collected and analyzed from October 17, 2016 to October 23rd during Hunan province government, media, life (including cars, real estate, tourism, entertainment, delicacy integrated) based on the data of public numbers, WeChat operating heat index professional considerations. 201610 17-10 23 heat index weekly chart platform index CLS data platform is a platform for data monitoring and analysis of new media and new media development of university laboratory Huake laboratory Hubei eye color vision technology Co. Ltd and Huazhong University of Science and Technology for mobile. The production and dissemination of large data index data collection platform CLS new media content, providing multi platform, multi dimension, time monitoring service platform based on the new media social responsibility theory of the most rigorous and comprehensive ability combined with new media heat index data comprehensive consideration of media, the results of data analysis through intuitive the visual display of the form presented to the user, providing new media data products and services for government and enterprise users. Login official website (CLS) index and the number of public concern "CLS index" (jc-index) can query more detailed data.相关的主题文章: