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Fashion-Style The fact that fashion world has always been the most .plex and conflicting field ever, we already knew it. What people (at least what the ones who dont use internet that much) dont know is that recently there have been created a brand new professional figure, that works behind the scenes (behind the monitor would maybe be more appropriate) in order to be able to post online the new gossip about fashion and the changes in the chameleonic world of runways. These new professionals start in primis just as fashion lovers, who then- generally thanks to the curiosity towards the world wide web – mix business with pleasure and therefore be.e online fashion critics. But who are this people? In most of cases they are young women or boys sometimes students- that begin, for fun, to .ment on the underwear runaways, men runaways, on the new shoes collection by a famous artist etc, and then end up realizing that with this hobby nowadays, if youre good at it, you can even earn your living. Just last 7 January in the famous Florence boutique Luisa via Roma finished the fourth edition of Firenze4ever (Florence forever), an appointment with the news, the most big brands of fashion and the white hopes of the field; strangely enough this year the personalities called at the even to talk about fashion, runaways and accessories were not just fashion designers, but blogger from all around the world. Special guest of the kermes was the esteemed Francesco Scognamiglio, the fashion designer that became famous in the world for his creations for artists such as Madonna and Lady Gaga, who during the event provided the fashion blogger with his creations and his advices. During the event indeed, the 29 fashion blogger .ing from all around the world, were given the opportunity to use the spring- summer 2012 collection and even some leading dresses from the Italian fashion designer creations, to create some fashion report addressed to the web audience. The most famous protagonists of the Style Lab were certainly The Blonde Salad, Bryan Boy, Style Scrapbook, Fashion Squad and Fashion Toast but there were even some promising new entries, like the German blog Les Mads, Divrina Dhingra for Vogue India and the English Clash Magazine. While at the lower floor the fashion blogger were officious in choosing dresses, accessories for their shooting, and even the accessories for the photographic set, on the second floor the music blogger were busy in looking for the best songs for the sets; music and fashion have then again interact, until the closing of Firenze4ever with a party in the boutique, in occasion of which there was Joan As A Police Womans concert and the Dj set by James Lavelle, which played at the pink theme party, collecting even funds for Unicef and for other animal association. This important fashion event was then the confirmation of the fact that fashion blogger, despite their young age and their non- conventional background in fashion world, have currently such a real importance in the world of fashion and trends, that they are called to work with famous fashion designer, like happened in this case with Francesco Scognamiglio. Article written by Serena Rigato About the Author: 相关的主题文章: