IDC nearly half of note 7 users plan to switch to iPhone-sichen

IDC: nearly half of the Note 7 user plans to use Sina iPhone technology news Beijing time on October 29th morning news, market research firm IDC released a new report, designed to evaluate the effects of Galaxy Note 7 intelligent mobile phone Samsung to recall the move will bring. The report shows that about half of the affected users surveyed plan to switch to iPhone. The report said that in the survey of 24 Galaxy Note owners in the machine, half of respondents said they had or will choose iPhone to replace the recalled phone, the other said it would choose another Samsung mobile phone, 17% of the. The majority of respondents said they would return the affected mobile phone operators through the store. Although the IDC report concluded that the Apple Corp will benefit from the Galaxy Note 7 recall, but the Apple Corp said in the fourth quarter earnings conference call, this event is not currently factors to promote its sales growth, because it can produce new models of iPhone have been sold out. But the Apple Corp is mentioned again, in the fourth quarter from Android to mobile phone user number iPhone record. IDC conducted an online survey of 1082 U.S. consumers in October 17th and 18, that is, Samsung decided to temporarily stop Galaxy Note after 4 days. The investigation is mainly to three target populations: existing users of Samsung smart mobile phone (507); used the Samsung mobile phone users (347); and never have the Samsung brand of intelligent mobile phone users (228). Due to the limited installation of the base, the survey only to capture the 24 Galaxy Note 7 owners; in view of this, the relevant data should only be regarded as directional. Apple Corp reported fourth quarter iPhone sales is 45 million 500 thousand, lower than the same period last year 48 million. Asked whether the supply of iPhone will be able to keep up with the needs of the end of the year, Apple Corp CEO Tim (Tim Cook) confirmed that iPhone 7 Plus supply will be able to keep up with demand, but iPhone 7 should not. In the wake of the Galaxy Note 7 recall, at least one report pointed out that there is evidence that the explosion of the mobile phone is a Samsung fire eager to launch its market in order to defeat the results brought about by iPhone 7. KGI securities analysts had previously made estimates, in the recall after the incident, there will be 5 million to 7 million users to iPhone, so that the Apple Corp to benefit from. This is consistent with the estimated survey report and IDC Friday’s result for the total amount of the order of 7 Galaxy Note is about 12 million, and if half of users are using iPhone, also with KGI securities predicted 5 million to 7 million of the data is roughly equal. (Tang Feng)相关的主题文章: