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If Hong Kong lawmakers have been issued for the salary was traced to nearly a million working capital [Global Times special correspondent in Hongkong Li Xuequan] in the Legislative Council sworn openly "shame" green country "political double evil" tour Huizhen and Liang Songheng, due to the unfinished oath but not officially became members of the membership may be cancelled was the explosion two people has been issued in advance for the Legislative Council salary, working capital of nearly HK $million. The news makes Hongkong city indignation. According to Hongkong, "Wen Wei Po" 1 reported that the City University Hong Kong School of professional education students in October 31st by Mo Jiajie lawyer letter, request the Legislative Council Secretariat to stop the tour Huizhen, Liang Songheng and other members of the Liu Xiaoli did not complete the oath of payment of wages and allowances, otherwise it will apply to the court for judicial review. The Secretariat responded that the matter will be dealt with in the case of judicial review by the SAR government to the court. Reported that the tour Huizhen and Liang Songheng has received a monthly salary of HK $more than 90 thousand, HK $834 thousand more for the advance of working capital. According to the Global Times reporter, Hongkong legislators pay quite generous. From the beginning of October 1st term, ordinary members enjoy more than HK $95 thousand monthly salary, medical allowance $33 thousand a year, the office of the OEA annually up to 2 million 610 thousand Hong Kong dollars, entertainment and traffic each year nearly HK $210 thousand. In addition, members of the Council may receive an allowance of $375 thousand for each office and information technology. Full and total remuneration, remuneration income term 15%. Hongkong lawyer Huang Guoen said the legislation will pay to members, is elected as the principle of tour, Liang duo in the oath "stirring up trouble", their words and deeds as routinely refused to take the oath shall be disqualified, two people have been members of non identity, should immediately cancel their salaries and allowances. He suggested that if the government in the judicial review of the case of winning, should be based on the laws of Hongkong "the theft Ordinance" eighteenth — obtaining money by deception crime, for travel, the beam has been pay. Hongkong international professional qualifications association president Li, 1 days to accept the "Global Times" interview, illegal unfinished sworn members in not fulfilling their membership, no eligible members pay and allowances, if the tour Huizhen and beam to palliative identity "shame members", not only hurt the feelings of Chinese people around the world. It is an insult to sacrifice of the martyrs of the anti fascist war. The people of Hongkong will firmly oppose it. 2, the Hongkong Legislative Council will meet again, there is news that the tour Huizhen and beam Songheng plan "break" venue. For the Legislative Council sworn event, the Hongkong public opinion called on the National People’s Congress on the matter in the interpretation of the law, the possibility was asked to legal interpretation, Hongkong’s chief executive Liang Zhenying said 1 days, hope to solve in the Hongkong area, but does not rule out the possibility. Editor: Qu, SN117相关的主题文章: