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If you pay attention to baby food allergies? Sohu to add baby foods to the maternal and infant stage, parents should pay attention to the baby reaction, a variety of food what love, what is love, what is more important, careful observation of allergic reaction to what food. In the complementary program, parents must be very patient, when the baby first eating a food after careful observation for several days, there is no allergic reaction after choosing other new food. This is because the food allergy is divided into two kinds, one is that the baby is eating food allergies, allergic phenomenon appeared in a short period of time. There is a situation that the baby in a few days before the occurrence of allergic reactions, which are delayed allergic reaction. You give the child to eat the fish, then in the next 3-5 days, don’t give the baby to eat he had never eaten the food, keep the feeding habits, can well differentiate children allergic to what kind of food. Suggested that the mother will be the baby’s response to different foods to do a good job for the convenience of cooking reference. Below we list several common food allergy prone children: milk, eggs, fish, shellfish and seafood, peanut, soybean, wheat, tree nuts for baby, shell seafood is likely to lead to fatal allergy. Therefore, to add a year after the child. Common fruit may cause a child that is allergic to hair, especially kiwi, it is easy to cause allergies. When the child appears allergic to kiwi, it is necessary to pay attention to banana, avocado addition. There are many foods that cause allergies in children. Each child does not listen to food allergies, so to distinguish between. Of course, we do not want the baby away from all the food at the age of 1, but be careful to add, do not blindly will you think of good food for children, especially children with a family history of allergy. Health care doctors recommend that mothers can participate in some complementary courses, making scientific learning methods complementary. In this is a good news to tell you, the seventh session of the national health cup "calendar baby contest has been launched, the field activities will also be launched wonderful. In November 5, No. 6, the two day we will carry out the baby food supplement classroom, have, do speak and eat, let your baby be a healthy snack! Pay attention to women’s health, you can also join the women’s health group, speak freely, exchange ideas, let you become a senior treasure mother healthy woman. Q group: 424940962.相关的主题文章: