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Business Pinoy MLM tips MLM Industry In The Philippines Everythings more fun in the Philippines so as the MLM industry. Filipinos have interesting characteristics and its more colourful when it .es on having different mind-set about reaching their goals. Knowing how Filipino think is a great thing to consider if youre into network marketing industry or whatever business youre at. Knowing the typical mind-set and attitudes of Filipinos is a great advantage if they are your target market. Not so long ago, MLM or Multi-Level Marketing (networking, network marketing whatever you want to call it) was introduced in the Philippines. Some made it big, some were frustrated, many were burned out and decided to quit and still, more and more are struggling. Ano ba talaga ang problema? Pinoy MLM tips- The Problems Theres no surprise why the success ratio is so small. As you might know more than 90% of people FAIL in the mlm industry. Marami ang hindi nagtatagumpay dahil sa kakulangan ng tamang kaalaman at tamang Attitude at pananaw sa mga bagay-bagay. Most people fail simply because they fail to understand and appreciate what MLM is all about. They often make dumb excuses and stupid reasoning. Check out this video. mlm failiure Problems- Image of MLM in the Philippines Another thing to consider is the image of network marketing industry in the Philippines. Ang mga kadalasang Tanong o objection ng mga tao ay: Pyramid ba yan? Pyramiding scam yan. Ayoko nyan! This is fact about how most Filipinos think about network marketing and this kind of image is caused by illegal .panies who once existed that brought scams. Gaano nga ba ka-legal ang networking? MLM by itself is 100% legal. A good thing to consider when joining any mlm .pany is the LEGALITIES. A good .pany must have all the certifications and business registration. Problems- Under -estimating MLM Theres no doubt that a lot of misconception about mlm is caused by under estimating the type of business that it is. Its either people dont really understand the effort needed to make money or they dont want to work as hard and they were taught about the easy money thing. Thats the sad truth. Problems- Lack of Strategy One of the most crucial reasons of failure in mlm is the lack of effective marketing strategies and techniques. Im talking about real effective and advanced strategies to really grow your mlm business the smartest way possible. HUWAG NA TAYONG MAG BALIWAN! Alam naman natin na hindi madali ang networking. We all need a new breed of strategies and tranings that will penetrate on our modern age. Most of the .panys training are old, outdated and ineffective to be true. Its not a bad thing. The .pany,s plan and platform is to have more distributors of their products. Its our responsibility to find a better way to market their products as they pay us from doing it. We want be very clear on that. This is one of my goals, to provide knowledge to my fellow entrepreneurs in this industry. For those who were confused, exhausted, burned out but willing people, specially BEGINNERS so that they wont waste their precious time on reaching success because we all know that success is what we came here for. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: