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In the end plus half box oil or a box of oil? Which is better for a car? – saving skills Sohu car sharing in many folk master inside, maybe there will be a tank: best not to fill, because it’s too heavy will significantly increase your fuel consumption. This experience really fly it? For this argument, most owners are "ha ha" to, and then to the gas station is directly fill. Then add half a box and filled with contrast, the former can really save much? Why don’t fill up? Said bluntly, fill up your car is heavier, the earth people know that Europe and the United States more fuel, as well, nothing more than Japan and South Korea is not their weight. The technology does not work, so the oil is too full and will also lead to the early part of the increase in fuel consumption. At the same time, too much oil will affect the intake of the tank, which will increase the consumption of. In addition, the oil is too full will reduce the carbon canister working ability, once the cause of pipeline system in the carbon canister into gasoline, will likely lead to a serious failure of toner, said that once the gasoline along the pipeline into the inlet, will cause the sparking plug. The following group of tests to see how much oil can be saved in the end? Two car models with A and B, in order to ensure the test results more accurate, in before the start of the A vehicle and B vehicle are filled with oil, and then from the B car out half a tank, the odometer cleared after the road. In order to simulate the normal driving, two cars have chosen the urban areas, highways, roads and other road conditions to test, and finally returned to the origin of the total distance is 164km. The results calculated are: two a total of 164 km, A car fuel consumption of 11.45 liters, 11.27 liters of fuel for the B car, A car fuel costs 82.10 yuan, B car fuel costs 80.81 yuan, two yuan car cost is 1.29. Add half a box of oil and can not save a lot of money, the 164 kilometers of the difference of only $1.29. According to projections, in order to 60L, for example, the consumption of a whole box of oil, the maximum savings of about 7 yuan. So, only added to the half properly wrong? If you usually very little car, then only half is not absolutely not. A friend said to fill the oil and half the weight difference is approximately equal to the weight of 1 adults, more than the weight of 1 people on the consumption of it, so only to half. Is this statement correct? It seems reasonable, not true. With 60L, plus half is 30L, the density of gasoline is about 0.8kg L, fill the tank and tank general multiple 24kg, rather than a child’s weight. The weight of a car with a car owner weight of a passenger about 1400kg. Fill up too much weight 1.7%. Fuel consumption factors plus a car too much weight, power system efficiency, wind resistance, rolling resistance tires, road conditions, driving habits etc.. The weight is only one factor only, plus oil is less and less, while frequent refueling owners have to deliberately drive to find gas station, this road is not tiny but adventitious quantity of oil consumed. Correct approach: A. urban driving, refueling as long as the system相关的主题文章: