India suddenly stabbed a knife to China Bula Moss missile loans sold in Vietnam windjview

China India suddenly fierce stab Bula Moss missile to Vietnam Vietnam India will sell loans to sell "Brad Moss" cruise missile in September 3rd, India’s prime minister Modi said in Vietnam, India is willing to provide $500 million loan for Vietnam, to carry out national defense cooperation. The two nations are now trying to expand arms, India’s defense industry in recent years has made a lot of achievements, including Russia joint research and development of the "Brad Moss" supersonic cruise missiles in India, Vietnam and other countries now have the intention to sell this new missile. In addition, India is also preparing to sell 4 Vietnamese patrol boats, "black shark" anti submarine torpedo weapon. This is likely to be the latest military trend between the two countries, the target is clearly pointing to the largest neighboring country of china. China has never regarded India as an adversary, but India has regarded China as the biggest enemy, and its strategy of China is based on active containment. Vietnam, as China’s neighboring countries in the unstable factors, are always considering confrontation with China, and the purchase of advanced weapons is the best way to fight against their own thinking. The India plans to sell the "Brad Moss" missile, can be 2.8 times the speed of sound, a maximum range of 290 km, can carry 300 kg warhead against land and sea targets, India is the so-called "carrier killer". "Brad Moss" if Vietnam armed with anti-ship missiles, with Vietnam earlier Russian equipment "fortress" land-based anti-ship missile, a Vietnam combat maritime targets Double Killer, the threat will quickly get a substantial upgrade. Advanced weapons and another purchase is "black shark" torpedo, India is currently used by the navy battle underwater weapon. The torpedo maximum speed of more than 50 knots, a maximum range of 90 kilometers, is a heavy anti submarine, anti-ship torpedo and world famous. The torpedo can track 10 targets at the same time, and can find a high degree of low noise submarine, and has the ability of intelligent recognition. After obtaining this kind of torpedo, the Vietnamese Navy is equipped with its purchase of frigates, the two is equipped with its new submarines, which will greatly enhance the ability of the Vietnamese Navy’s sea. India to Vietnam to form Chinese arms sales will contain in addition, although Vietnam is also equipped with Su -30MKV fighter, but because the quantity is less, plus Russia price high, which leads to Vietnam in the maintenance training time cost is not low. India is the world except Russia, equipped with the largest fleet of Su -30MK countries. If India is agreed upon, while the future of Vietnam Su -30MKV fighter pilot in India for training, and not spend a lot of money to go to Russia, and this also will significantly enhance the ability to attack Vietnamese air force pilots. It is worth noting that, in this $500 million loan, a $100 million dedicated to India to Vietnam to provide 4 patrol boats on the sea, showing India’s new interest in the strategic east. India is expected to provide a new type of fast patrol boats, India coast guard has just equipped with 20 patrol boats. The ship is estimated to be 421 tons. Its biggest feature is fast, the maximum speed of 66 kilometers per hour, when the speed of cruising at a speed of 22.2 km per hour, its cruising distance of 2400 km. The most important thing is that this boat.相关的主题文章: