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Personal-Finance The world banks are undergoing massive changes owing to the inspection of media, security commissions, legislatures, customers, etc. Lately, banks are being scrutinized and held accountable and responsible for their actions, more than ever. One of the recent well known problems that the banks are struggling with is, deciding on which customers to be considered as high or low risk customers. If you have suffered rejection on application for a new account, it is due to the Chexsystem introduced by banks to blacklist customers with bad credit score. While most of the banks have introduced this system, luckily, there are still a handful of banks out there to the rescue. The reason why banks are using financial background check lists more, lately, is due to the scrutiny of the government. Thus, they are giving several thoughts and evaluating through this system, before approving a new bank account application. However, getting applications for a new account, rejected multiple times from various banks is unquestionably frustrating. Lack of a new checking account can cause a major cramp on your financial life. On the other hand, it is almost impossible to take your name off the list, once put up. The only loophole out of it is to find Non Chexsystems Banks. These banks are those that do not refer to the Chexsystems at all. Fortunately enough, there are still a few banks that do not use this system to chuck out bad credit scorers. These banks are also known as second chance checking banks. As the name implies, these banks are open to working with customers who posses a poor credit record. So, even people, who have been reported to the Chexsystem Lists, previously, are open to have an account with these banks. These second chance banks happily provide all the regular perks and facilities of a bank account to high risk holders. To find out such a banks that do not use chexsystems, search for banks that call themselves Second Chance Checking banks. Make a spreadsheet of the possible banks that you have planned to approach. Consider factors like fee structures, checking fees, terms and conditions, special offers like incentives on opening accounts, while making your selection. Apply for the best bank, and on getting approval, make it a point to read the small prints very carefully before casting your acceptance signature on the dotted line. Thus, in order to cut through the bank clutter, you need to rise above the politics. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: