Insurance enterprises red War short-term access to massive users, late interaction is more

Insurance firms red Wars: short term massive user interaction is more important for the late each reporter Tu Yinghao in the year of the monkey show Alipay red shine at the same time, insurance companies, insurance products, delivery of red envelopes also has become a scenery. By the interaction of red packets during the Spring Festival, Internet insurance products such as theft insurance, delay insurance, rights insurance, traffic accident insurance, health insurance and so on have established contact between insurance companies and massive new users. This is just the first step. An insurance company involved in the Spring Festival Red war, the relevant person in charge said that the user experience and related data will be used to improve portraits, insurance companies will be based on portrait portraits, users of different needs attributes classification operations. On the one hand, we will promote the daily interactive operation, continue to popularize the concept of Internet insurance. On the other hand, we will incubate and push related products according to the results of interaction with users." To lay the foundation for inclusive finance data show that in 2016, a total of 690 million viewers watched the CCTV monkey spring festival gala. During the period, Alipay "poofing a poofing" reached number 324 billion 500 million, minute peak is 21 billion times, equivalent to an average of 52.5 times per ping Alipay users. It is worth mentioning that, insurance companies this year have stepped onto the front desk, participated in the Spring Festival red packets war. By embedding the Alipay Spring Festival Gala red scene, the insurance company with tens of millions of new users to quickly establish contact. For example, as of February 12th, a total of 1 million 650 thousand people participated in the spring grab bags of Zhong An insurance activities, the company has a total delivery of fraudulent insurance, delay insurance and health insurance and other insurance products on the Internet 3 million 600 thousand. According to the reporter, the user experience and related data will be used to improve the portrait of the people. In addition, Alipay also from the region, age, personal interest, family asset dimensions provide the overall connection portrait of tens of millions of people and the public safety insurance. In this regard, Taikang online general manager Wang Daonan said that the red envelope accelerated the popularity of mobile Internet in the three or four line cities and all age groups, laid the foundation for the development of Inclusive Finance users. Industry: late interaction is more important, but in the industry view, the late operation is the key to sustainable development. User interaction and activity directly determine whether the product is sustainable, otherwise it will become "disposable" products. In this regard, Zhong An insurance relevant responsible person said, after the amount of new users quickly establish a connection, the company will also through the interactive activities of late, so that more users from passive to active participation in the past, a better understanding of the Internet insurance products, the classification of different attributes of user operation. The concern is that Alipay also teamed up Chinese China life insurance, two insurance companies before, on the line two Internet insurance products — home insurance and insurance for the first time and the Spring Festival carnival, the opening of the relatives and friends give each other "function. Taikang Life launched the "micro mutual aid" is to help WeChat ecosystem, so that WeChat users spread among friends. You can see that after several years of toil, the Internet insurance company is to reach a consensus on:

险企红包大战:短期获海量用户 后期互动更重要   ◎每经记者 涂颖浩   在猴年春晚支付宝红包大放异彩的同时,险企发红包、派送保险产品也俨然成为一道风景。借春节红包的互动,盗刷险、延误险、维权保险、交通意外保险、健康险等互联网保险产品在保险公司和海量新用户之间建立起了联系。   这仅仅是第一步。某参与春节红包大战的保险公司相关负责人表示,用户的体验及相关数据将被用于完善人物画像,保险公司将根据人物画像,对不同需求属性的用户进行分类运营。“一方面,我们将推进日常的互动运营,继续普及互联网保险理念。另一方面,我们将根据与用户的互动结果,针对性地孵化、推送相关产品。”   为普惠金融奠定基础   数据显示,2016年,全国共有6.9亿观众收看了央视猴年春晚。期间,支付宝“咻一咻”次数达到了3245亿次,分钟峰值为210亿次,相当于每个支付宝用户平均咻52.5次。   值得一提的是,保险公司今年纷纷走上前台,参与到了春节红包大战当中。通过嵌入支付宝春晚红包场景,保险公司与千万级的新增用户迅速建立起了联系。比如,截至2月12日,共有165万人参与了众安保险的新春抢福袋活动,该公司总共派送盗刷险、延误险及健康险等互联网保险产品360万份。   据记者了解,参与活动用户的体验及相关数据将被用于完善人物画像。此外,支付宝还会从年龄、地域、个人兴趣、家庭资产等维度提供与众安保险建立连接的数千万人群的整体画像。   对此,泰康在线总经理王道南表示,红包加速了移动互联网在三四线城市和各年龄群体中的普及,为普惠金融的发展奠定了用户基础。   业内:后期互动更重要   不过,在业内人士看来,后期运营才是可持续发展的关键。用户的互动和活跃度直接决定产品是否可持续,否则又会变成“一次性”产品。   对此,众安保险相关负责人介绍道,在与海量的新增用户迅速建立连接之后,公司还将通过后期的互动活动,让更多用户从过去的被动关注改为主动参与,更好地了解互联网保险产品,对不同需求属性的用户进行分类运营。   值得关注的是,支付宝在节前还联手中国人保、中国人寿两大保险公司,上线了两款互联网保险产品——返乡保障险和春节合家欢险,并首次开通了“亲友互赠”的功能。泰康人寿此前推出的“微互助”就是借助微信的生态圈,让微信用户在朋友间互相传播。   可以看到的是,在经历了几年摸爬滚打后,互联网保险公司正在达成共识:重视互联网渠道的合作,通过场景化的互动体验,挖掘互联网保险的运营潜力。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: