Investment of nearly 5 billion yuan Guangdong Qingyuan pumped storage power plant fully operational

Beijing – full production plant in Qingyuan pumped storage power station Cheng Jingwei photo Beijing, Guangzhou in August 30, the energy storage investment of nearly 5 billion yuan (Cheng Jingwei Wen Bo) Guangdong Qingyuan pumped national key project of Guangdong Qingyuan pumped storage power station (referred to as "clear storage power station") No. 4 unit 30 was put into commercial operation. So far, Qingyuan pumped storage power plant put into operation. Clear fresh storage power station located in the town of Taiping District of Guangdong city of Qingyuan Province, is a national key project, "11th Five-Year" Guangdong province major energy security project, the project total investment of 4 billion 998 million yuan, since the construction started in December 2009. Total installed capacity of 1 million 280 thousand kilowatts, a total installed capacity of 4 sets of 320 thousand kilowatts reversible turbine generator units. According to reports, the annual power generation capacity of up to 2 billion 332 million kwh. In November 30, 2015, the first unit of the station put into operation, as of now, a total of 1277 units started; total transmission peak power 435 million 750 thousand kwh, 555 million 690 thousand kwh electricity to absorb the low success rate of 100%; emergency start. In recent years, strong growth in electricity demand in Guangdong, the power structure of Guangdong power grid is a complex decision quality and security power peaking power. As one of the backbone of peaking power, peak shaving, clear storage plant is mainly responsible for the China Southern Power Grid to fill the valley, FM, emergency standby and other tasks, will help to optimize the power supply structure, enhancement of CSG power capacity and operating flexibility. In addition, with clear storage power station nuclear power, wind power and other clean energy unit operation, improve the operation conditions of thermal power units, effectively guarantee the safe, stable and economic operation of Guangdong power grid, power strong support to promote local economic development and the power transmission from west to East and northeast guangdong. Clear storage power station put into full commercial operation, not only conducive to the enhancement of the grid structure, the protection of local power supply, but also can promote the rational consumption of power transmission from west to East power, improve power system efficiency, reduce power consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, is expected to reduce annual greenhouse gas emissions by coal-fired power generation of about 1801.09 tons, reducing the emission of dust and 388 thousand tons of waste residue to the environment, and has important significance on the development of clean energy in Guangdong. (end)相关的主题文章: