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News-and-Society Islamo-Fascism is on the rise and going unchecked, similar to the Fascist movement of the Nazis that began in the 1930s and led into World War II. Western countries, unwilling to take a lesson from history, allow Islamic Fascism to not only grow, but continue to flourish. Unlike the Nazi movement that occurred before the war, however, those who are part of the Islamo-Fascism movement are not confined to one part of the world. They are all over the world and their voice is getting stronger. Even after terrorist attacks in western countries, leaders are looking the other way when it comes to Islamic Fascism. This is true in the European Union as well as the United States. The recent election of US President Barack Obama, who was recently photographed bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia, indicates that Americans are willing to forgive and forget the terrorist attacks that killed thousands of civilians on September 11, 2001. Any reference to Islamo-Fascism in the United States is seen as being extreme by the media. Fascism is the ideology that Hitler used to rule Germany. It obliterates human rights, different ideas and calls for total allegiance to the leader. Adolph Hitler, who was elected into power, orchestrated the death of six million people who did not fit in with his ideology and started a war that cost millions of lives. Islamo-Fascism is the intolerance of anyone who is not of the Islamic faith. We see this in many Islamic countries where even practicing another faith can be cause for imprisonment or even death. In Islamic Fascism countries, human rights are virtually non-existent, especially for those of another faith other than Islam, women and dissidents. The human rights abuses that go on in countries like Saudi Arabia, for example, are largely ignored by the western media. Islamo-Fascism is frightening for many people who are non-Muslim. Attacks against westerners are on the rise and largely left unchecked. Very similar to how Hitler was allowed to run unchecked by the rest of the world until he started trying to take over. Islamic Fascism, however, is scarier to most than the fascism practiced by the Nazis. This is because unlike the Nazis, the Islamo-Fascism movement is spreading to all parts of the world and not just concentrated in one country, and those who practice Islamic-Fascism are actually willing to die for their cause. Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world and second only to Christianity when it comes to religion. The Koran makes it clear that non-believers are not to be tolerated and encourages the convert or die ideology. Like the fascism practiced in Nazi Germany, Jews are large target, as is the United States and any other nation that supports the right of Israel to exist. Unlike the fascism practiced in Nazi Germany, however, the threat is not clearly stated and acts to put the ideology into action are not traced back to another country, but to fanatics of Islam. The world has changed since the 1930s and people have become more tolerant in the west to different beliefs. In fact, they have bent over backward to accommodate them and even welcomed those who believe in Islamic Fascism into their midst. Much like a farmer welcoming a fox into the henhouse. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: