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Entrepreneurialism In this new home business arena, Direct Response Marketing meets Network Marketing as leading infomercial company ITV Direct introduces ITV Ventures’. ITV Direct the Parent Company will invest $50 million in TV infomercial advertising annually for their members to create the next work at home business giant in the multi-million dollar MLM industry. Driven by ITV infomercials, consistently rated in the top ten by media ranking services, ITV Ventures’ offers an entirely new business model for those who see the advantage of being in business for themselves while supported by the infrastructure of an already successful multi-million dollar company. Merging the highly successful direct response business with network marketing, Founder and President, Donald Barrett, states "ITV Ventures’ will be the fastest growing company in the history of network marketing. We are creating the next generation of MLM with the combined business models defined as "direct response network marketing." ITV Ventures’ is creating the significant internet buzz that pushed them to number 1 in the rankings and is attracting experienced network marketers because of the uniqueness of the concept of an infomercial company expanding into network marketing. By merging these two business models ITV Ventures’ emphasizes that it has removed the biggest obstacles to success for most network marketers and in the process has created a unique home business opportunity. If you are a network marketer, you know one of the largest obstacles facing most network marketers is the ongoing need for sales leads including people who are potential buyers of products as well as people to recruit into the business opportunity. Because the ITV Ventures’ parent company ITV Direct is in the business of promoting its product sales through TV infomercial advertising, they are in the unique position of being able to create an unlimited amount of sales leads for the new ITV Ventures’ home based Independent Business Owners, who they refer to as IBOs. ITV Direct intends to promote the ITV Ventures’ home business opportunity with a TV infomercial advertising campaign, designed to enhance each IBO’s chance to build a successful home business that is capable of producing long term residual income. The ITV Ventures’ organization is quickly attracting people from many backgrounds that include successful professionals from other network marketing companies, homemakers, financial planners, lawyers and even former LA Lakers basketball superstar A.C. Green. The ITV Ventures’ concept is an achievable plan for success for many people looking to work from the comfort of their home. With the expanding demand for home businesses opportunities, the timing for the ITV opportunity is perfect. Tentatively, ITV Ventures’ will be rolling out their Remote Agent Program sometime around mid April 2007. The Remote Agent Program will actual allow Independent Business Owner’s (IBO) to receive live calls from the TV infomercials in the comfort of their home. This home business opportunity is so perfect for so many people. I encourage anyone looking for a unique affordable opportunity, to please check this out. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: