Japanese media Chinese tourists no longer buy a Japanese department store situation is grim 3u8813

Japanese media: Chinese tourists no longer burst buy Japanese department store, the grim situation of Beijing – Chinese National Day during the holiday, the Japanese department store and tourist facilities such as war started. Due to the appreciation of the yen and tariff enhancement, "burst buy" come to an end, the embattled Japanese department store by cooperation with airlines to attract customers etc.. On the other hand, Chinese tourists’ tourism mode is changing from "shopping" to "experience". According to the "Japanese economic news" website reported on October 8th, the Japanese war at the beginning of this year’s National Day is in a slowdown in consumption of foreign tourists visiting Japan under the background of the department store, the grim situation. Big pill Matsuzakaya department store, the also said, "as of 2, less than a year on the customer". The department store on the plane to take Spring Airlines and auspicious Airlines arrived in Kansai, Japan and other places of Chinese tourists issued 500 yen and 1000 yen coupons to attract customers into the store. In High Island House Kyoto stores, jewelry and other sales growth is weak. The store said that the increase in the number of duty-free merchandise sales, hoping to ensure the same year sales". At the same time showed severe sales of luxury goods, drugstore sales of medicines and daily necessities strong sales performance. A plurality of manufacturing China called "God medicine" Kobayashi pharmaceutical advertising in Osaka set up Chinese Shinsaibashi bars at the drugstore. Put a large number of eye drops in the counter, "aibon" and other best-selling products in response to increased demand. Reported that, in addition, China’s repeat customers are also increasing, the focus is shifting from shopping experience. In the JTB West Japan operation of the tourist information office "Kansai visitors centre Shinsaibashi" (Osaka city), Chinese tourists increased by about 50% over the previous year. To tourists to buy a horse spring "preferential pass and the railway car all day long pass out. To watch the Osaka city and Osaka city central public lighting night cruise "in Island Yacht" increased 7 to Chinese said foreign language tour guide. Allegedly, compared with last year’s national day, foreign tourists increased by about 20%, with Chinese tourists as the center of a lively.相关的主题文章: