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Jia Mingxin Forerunner 35 sports watch heart rate monitor support Tencent digital news (Translation: Esther) Jia Ming has just released its new Forerunner 35 professional sports new smart watches, the Forerunner 35 built Elevate heart rate monitoring technology, and the continuation of the excellent traditional Derek GPS. Forerunner 35 is not only able to track the daily movement data, but also take into account the needs of professionals. Derek Forerunner 35 sports watch support for heart rate monitoring and before the heavy chest strap heart rate monitoring device compared to Forerunner 35 so that we can be on the wrist can grasp the change of heart rate, while Forerunner 35 but also on the number of steps, calories and exercise intensity to track, and through the App connection and intelligent mobile phone display notification and control music player. Forerunner 35 screen with a monochrome design, either indoors or outdoors can display content is clear, Jia Ming said Forerunner 35 life time can reach 13 hours in the tracking mode, time and mode of general can even reach 9 days. Users can also connect Forerunner 35 and Garmin Connect applications to view the user’s more comprehensive motion data and connect online sports community. At the same time, Forerunner 35 also supports automatic upload data and App firmware upgrades and other functions. Forerunner 35 offers a variety of colors to choose from, priced at $199.99 (about 1335 yuan). Source: slashgear life boring? Concerned about the number of Tencent WeChat official number (ID:qqdigi), the old driver with you the whole point of the new play!相关的主题文章: