Jiaxing man driving a Porsche motorcycle rear end was kidnapped 4 million ransom easeljs

Jiaxing man driving a Porsche motorcycle rear end was kidnapped 4 million people for the kidnapping, is to start the pengci. More than 11 points in September 20th evening, Tongxiang City Fuxing Road and Fengming Road intersection, a white Porsche Maikai car in red light, is a motorcycle rear end. The owner of the Porsche off to see the situation, but was three young men come down, Porsche into the back seat, tied into a deserted houses. The kidnappers said, put people can, get 400 million in exchange for. The next development plan: from the height less than 170 cm Porsche owners, should break the rope down, one of the kidnappers managed to escape and the police. Then, in September 21st at around 7:30, the assistance of the police in Anhui, three bus car fled the kidnappers were arrested in the high-speed toll station successfully intercepted. Yesterday, Jiaxing, Tongxiang police announced the details of the kidnapping extortion case. This thought someone pengci was premeditated kidnapping yesterday morning, 36 year old Porsche owner Mr. Chen, has found the building for their own houses. I can not imagine myself, then how to have the strength to fight against each other in the dark, but also successfully escaped." The two storey houses abandoned for many years, is very remote, except around the waist of weeds, no people. Look, many weeds are trampling the traces, you can imagine, when Mr. Chen has fled panic. "Really scared." Mr. Chen smiled about the situation at the time, I was in Tongxiang opened a children’s clothing store, also shop, every night to send the goods to go home. The night of September 20th, I have been busy until 11 in the evening, only to close the door to go home. Open two or three minutes, to Fengming road and revival Road intersection traffic lights, traffic lights were red. I stopped the car. The results of only a few seconds, the car suddenly startled, I looked in the rearview mirror, the car was a motorcycle rear end. I get off and look at the situation, a look, riding a motorcycle two people sitting on the ground, and asked why I want to slam the brakes. At that time my wife just called, I said the car was hit with her, and then hung up the phone to call 110. This time, suddenly someone ran over two people and motorcycle together, put me down. I had felt wrong, see it, shout "help", these people immediately cover my mouth, I put me in the back seat of the car, cut my neck with a knife: "don’t move, honest, or you are a dead." Then, they stopped my mouth with a towel, clothes over my head, I will also hands and feet tied up with cloth, one car, another two people left and right two people tucked behind me. Open for a while, feel a gravel road, two people I will lift off, get into a house, another person put my car. I was blindfolded, don’t know where they will, I pressed on a wooden chair, my hands and feet are cloth tied, the body has also been a few laps around the wire bound. They also use my cell phone to call my wife: "you.相关的主题文章: