Ji’nan, a factory explosion stop stop dozens of thousands of high-speed rail passenger refund Beijin noreply

Ji’nan factory explosion "stop" tens of thousands of passengers in Beijing high speed rail network – New refund advice to the passengers tumbled at the information desk on the platform waiting for passengers to transfer refund Department Paiqichanglong November 29th about 9:30 in the morning, is located in the western suburbs of Ji’nan City, Ji’nan economic and Trade Co., Ltd. a Lianhua Henderson production workshop of the tank in case of concrete additives the explosion, no casualties at the scene of the accident. Because the factory from the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway line about one hundred meters high bridge, catenary power caused by the accident, some train delays, Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway outage. Legal sources said the passengers because the train was late time, can refund or change to the railway side. The railway company may be damaged due to the destruction of railway facilities, etc., can be an accident to the factory claims. The event caused by the explosion of Beijing Shanghai line train outage delay according to the accident scene photos, explosive factory things scattered on the ground, all kinds of construction debris burning deformation, some burnt iron debris was blown to a few meters away from the road and the branch. Ji’nan city departments informed that the site no casualties, the responsible person has been controlled public security organs. One villager told the Beijing Youth Daily reporter, the incident from the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway about 100 meters. According to the official notification of Ji’nan, the explosion caused the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway Ji’nan West to Dezhou East contact network outage, part of the high-speed rail train outage. Emergency repair by the railway sector, 12 points on the same day at 02 minutes, the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway to resume normal operation. Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway as a starting point, the Beijing South Railway Station affected by the larger, there are 31 trains originating outage, the other Beijing Shanghai line trains generally delayed. BYD reporter learned from the railway authorities in Beijing, the 29 day at 10 in the morning to 4:30 in the afternoon, the Beijing South Railway Station has returned more than 4000 tickets for passengers. In addition, the impact of the explosion, QingDao Railway Station 12 trains outage, NanJing South Railway Station has 29 trains outage. As at 12:30 on the 29, ShangHai Railway Station plans to stop the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway train 11 times. The story of "detour" passenger choice home "if there is no Ji’nan this accident, I should have been to Tai’an and friends together to eat now." Yesterday afternoon around 2, Mr. Lee in Shandong do a refund procedures in Beijing South Railway Station, received a $214 ticket money. Mr. Lee side money side told reporters BYD, he originally planned to take the G323 high-speed rail in November 29th morning departure from Beijing to Shandong, Tai’an. 9 when he got on the bus from the ticket on time, can wait until the departure time, but has not started. "I thought it was just a little late, but the bus stopped at about three hours." Mr. Li said, had told the staff car accident in front of their route, "the waiting time, some passengers may be afraid to open the door, emergency switch, the passengers were out of the staff inside the car back to the car." More than 12 noon, Lee and other passengers were allowed to get off. Lee said that the staff told him that the train has stopped. Around 2 in the afternoon, he did the ticket refund procedures in Beijing South Railway Station, and bought a Beijing to Dezhou forest相关的主题文章: