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Joe Chen returned to the stage reproduces the classic love story of Sina entertainment news by Joe Chen [micro-blog] starring drama "bread tree woman" – Meggie landed in Shanghai veteran theatre theatre on the night of September 8th. The play adapted from the famous Hongkong emotional writer Zhang Xiaoxian novel of the same name by mainland renowned theatre director ho read [micro-blog], Taiwan idol drama director Chen Mingzhang and producer, Shanghai new drama female director Lee directed the team behind it is enabled making "the Queen", "spoiled" startling step by step high reputation drama "He Nian" team. As the city drama "Darling", although since its premiere in 2012 is the fourth round replay, "bread tree woman" is still hard to get a vote, sought after by the audience and love. Best drama actress Joe Chen was named "idol strength" drama "bread tree woman" tells the heroine Cheng Yun (Joe Chen ornaments) and genius lyrics a child love Lin Fangwen, through the test of friendship, love, encounter many love for actress at the age of twenty, well described, presents a "growth" love story. In just 2.5 hours, the actress need let the audience follow her vivid feeling that love "as a roller coaster, both exciting and painful" feeling, the actor, is undoubtedly a great challenge. In addition, in order to add to the drama of the charm, the play also joined the dance elements, many people are showing monologue in the form of a song, the actors dance skill requirements. However, these difficulties are not baffled "sticky girl" Joe Chen, is the first drama works, but she has a free excellent acting young girls will process the mentality of most incisive interpretation of rhyme, the audience greatly. Finally, Joe Chen’s pay has been rewarded, last year, she won the fourth Beijing Danny International Performing Arts Award for best actress of the year. After winning, Joe Chen mood is very excited, even couldn’t help crying on the spot, she said: "the drama and film and television works are so different, you do not have a NG chance," bread tree "6 tears, I play every game to precisely at that point to push yourself even cry. Play 10 games, it means I need to complete 60 tears. During the period, I have questioned myself, but also a few times because of the pressure is too large and sleepless all night, I was afraid of losing face in front of thousands of people." Today, Joe Chen’s work has been affirmed by the parties, sweeping can only play the idol drama, voices of doubt can not control the drama, more netizens praised for both Yan values and acting "idol strength". And felt the drama charm of Joe Chen, is unable to stop on the stage. She enjoyed a stage beyond the self, self break feeling, "the stage will help me with energy, just like the same charge, can hear the audience pulling Kleenex’s voice at the table is very enjoyable." The original cast again on the classic love story with "bread tree woman" by the original cast again appeared, the audience can enjoy in addition to Guru Joe Chen"相关的主题文章: