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Small Business Almost everyday and everybody sees air conditioners in its surrounding. But seldom, we have paid much attention upon its functionalities. Whenever, temperature outside begins to climb, many people seek the cool .fort of indoor air conditioning. Here .es a name aircon. Especially in New Zealand, it has remarkably established itself in air conditioning business. Anyway! Here in this article, we will explore different aspects of air conditioning. In the market, we have seen so many names viz. Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioners, Carrier Air Conditioners and so on. But, we never bother to explore how these indispensable machines work their magic? In experts opinion and our experiences as well, there are numerous types of air conditioners in varieties of sizes, cooling capacities and prices. We have seen window air conditioner. It is an easy and economical way to cool a small area. In suburban areas, we have a condenser unit in the backyard. In apartment .plexes, we can see multiple condensers for each dwelling. Similarly, most of the office and business buildings have reserved spaces for condensing units on their roofs. Sometimes, we get one or two air conditioners in the building but sometimes numbers just climb higher and higher. Usually, people know that air conditioners lower the temperature in their homes simply by pumping cool air in. Though, this is not the whole truth. Experts explain the real theory and claim that the warm air from your house is being removed and cycled back in as cooler air. This sort of cycles continues till the time your thermostat reaches the desired temperature. So, the air conditioner is basically a refrigerator without the insulated box and it uses Freon for cooling. Freon is a technical term. According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary Online, It is "used for any of various nonflammable fluorocarbons used as refrigerants and as propellants for aerosols." Roaring price of electricity and growing trend of go green has encouraged many people towards alternative cooling methods as well. But, leading manufacturers like Mitsubishi, carrier and Toshiba are also aware about such public demands and local dealers like aircon will make it accessible for the .mon man. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: