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Automobiles Whenever you are planning to buy an used car for sale, you will of course check the model of the car as well as pricing and payment methods to finalize the deal. But even after you are convinced with the above factors, I will suggest looking for some other important facts before you buy the used vehicle. Here are some facts that you should consider before buying any Used Car. 1)First and foremost make out when the car was actually registered. Used vehicles that are 3-5 years old are considered as best to buy in the second hand automotive industry or with 15,000 to 20,000 km of running. 2)To find the approximate year of any used car"s manufacturing one can make use of odometer reading of the car. Although don"t believe just on the odometer reading as it can be tampered irrespective of mechanical or electronic odometers. 3)Also make sure the entire engine runs smoothly and it shouldn"t emit any excess oil outside. 4)One should also check the tires of the used vehicle if that is in good condition or not. Also check the bearings, springs and bushings in the tires. The bearings in any condition shouldn"t make any noise because if it does then it will cost you good money in the repairs. 5)Bonnet of the car also needs to be checked properly. The car battery should be in good condition and cleaned with no acid leakage. 6)The paint on the used vehicle should be neat too. If there is any audio system in the car then it should be in good working condition. 7)Lastly also check the lightings and dippers, hind lights, reverse lights and cabin lights of the used car. These above are some of the important facts you should consider before you buy any used car. Besides these there are some other facts too while considering a used car. Model of the Car: Whenever you decided to buy a used car, the first decision you should make is about the model. You should understand your needs, driving habits and budget. Surf around different car models; analyze their technical specifications as well as pricing. You will find a lot of online used cars listing website online for a thorough research. Payment Options: Besides the specifications about car, payment mode is one another important factor that needs to be considered too. There are several good finance .panies that will help you with affordable interest rates, EMI facility etc. Location of Car: There are times when it"s difficult to find a reliable used car in your area. But you will find a lot of outlets which deals both in new cars and used cars by owners. Such dealers inspect the car as well as provide maintenance and warranty with regular servicing. Hence, buying used cars from such dealership is the best option. You can also look out for Used Cars for Sale Online listing websites where you can surf around different makes and models at a click of the mouse from your home itself. These used car listings website also have dealers as well as owners who list their second hand cars for sale. Test Drive: Taking a test drive of the car whether new or old is must. You should experience the car for at least 4-5km and buy it only after you are satisfied with the test drive. The best way to review a car is from the driver"s seat. Always remember that. About the Author: Jessica Lee is found of writing articles on cars, buying tips for cars etc. Find Buy Used Cars Online online at CarCluster… Search Second Hand Porsche, BMW, Audi, Mercedes etc online. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: