Lawyers said Jia Jinglong today to see the families of the final execution of the death penalty windjview

The lawyer said Jia Jinglong today to see their families last time about the implementation of the death penalty, Jinglong data figure original title: lawyer said Jia Jinglong today to see their families will be executed in November 15th last one morning, Jia Jinglong’s lawyer Gan Yuanchun to the "Beijing time" (micro signal: btime007) today confirmed that as early as 7, Shijiazhuang City Intermediate People’s court has sent to Jia Jinglong the last time notify the family home. "According to the usual practice will be executed immediately (death penalty)." Gan Yuanchun lawyers said. "Beijing time" (micro signal: btime007) call Jia Jinglong’s former attorney, said Wei Rujiu, after the two trial of the signing of the voluntary organ donation in the decision of the. His family hoped he would withdraw, but he insisted on giving. In February 19, 2015, Jia Jinglong in the North Camp village with a new year party, after the transformation of the nail gun will be high in the North Camp village committee director and village Party branch secretary He Jianhua killed. In the transformation of the old village of north high camp, Jia Jinglong and He Jianhua because of the demolition of contradictions. In November 24, 2015, the Shijiazhuang intermediate people’s Court of first instance found Jia Jinglong was captured in the way to identify the victim of insufficient evidence, He Jianhua led the North Village Camp Jia Jinglong house demolition illegal demolitions of insufficient evidence of intentional murder and sentenced Jia Jinglong to death. Jia Jinglong refused to accept the decision, appeal, May 27, 2016, the Hebei High Court upheld the death penalty verdict, and report to the supreme law approved. In August 31st, the Supreme Court approved the death penalty. In October 18th, Jia’s attorney received the death penalty. About "Jia Jinglong whether the execution of" a hot topic in the law circle, many legal scholars carry out the debate, calling for "spare the life". In October 24th, Jia Jinglong’s sister, the Supreme Court of justice, filed a petition submitted to the death penalty of intentional homicide in the case of the application of the execution of the book of "Jia Jinglong" Jia Jingyuan. Gan Yuanchun also revealed that in November 2nd, Jia Jinglong had entrusted him a song of farewell poems in the execution to the relatives and friends with the outside people who care about him is announced, farewell. The poem is: "a solitary throw, Jia in the high camp, but also is Kuize for revenge. But has carried on, hates the lucky person to come, the tear and the gentleman does not." Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: