LDK bankruptcy plan by the court or 12 banks will cut the loss of about 20000000000 (video) headache怎么读�

LDK bankruptcy court discretion scheme is 12 banks or loss of about 20000000000 LDK announced the merger of the Xinyu intermediate people’s court and lazy at home "CD" LDK’s three bankruptcy reorganization scheme of the LDK group’s three subsidiaries reorganization ended, plan approved by the court by. Twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter learned exclusively, recently, the Xinyu intermediate people’s court has taken strong cut methods approved by the LDK group’s three subsidiaries of the bankruptcy reorganization plan. According to a person close to LDK bankruptcy reorganization plan "insiders, LDK three companies have been cut through the court, tomorrow (October 10th), the court will to creditors, investors unified by the LDK group’s three subsidiaries of the civil ruling." According to the twenty-first Century economic report reporter in Jiangxi LDK LDK Solar Co. Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "high tech") bankruptcy civil ruling, the court considered Xinyu ordinary creditor’s rights reorganization plan submitted by the liquidation group received 6.62% of the payment ratio of not less than the liquidation procedures in accordance with the liquidity ratio; reforming investors on the debtor’s business plan is feasible. Last November, Jiangxi City Intermediate People’s court announced that LDK group’s photovoltaic silicon, polysilicon, high-tech, high-tech (Xinyu) four companies to implement bankruptcy reorganization. The bankruptcy administrator shall be appointed by the bankruptcy liquidation group of Xinyu hi tech Industrial Development zone. In addition to polysilicon bankruptcy liquidation, reorganization scheme of the remaining three companies in August this year officially released, but in the subsequent two rounds of voting, secured creditor group and ordinary creditor group and capital per capita have not passed the draft reorganization plan. More exciting content to pay attention to WeChat search public number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).相关的主题文章: