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UnCategorized What leadership skills do the most successful people posses? Are leaders born or made? The age old nature/nurture debate takes center stage. Regardless of location or culture, the list is similar: Respectful, Deals well with stress, Perceptive, Optimistic, Professional, Inspirational, Embraces change, Team player, Team builder, Sensitive, Not afraid to show and share emotions, Goal-setter, Equitable. Now, picture someone you consider to be a leader. It may be Colin Powell, Mother Theresa, your 5th grade teachers, a parent, or the shop owner down the street. With delight, after this issue was drafted, Daniel Goldman’s article popped up in the Sunday paper on just this subject. Uncanny? Perhaps. He found that hundreds of studies revealed that there are about 20 characteristics that distinguish the best leaders. Many are listed above. We tend to recognize leaders by their behaviors and attitudes and the way they carry themselves – over time and with different audiences. In addition, leaders also seem to display a strong set of convictions, beliefs, and degree of authenticity. Are these people born with these qualities? Aside from a few random exceptions, the answer is absolutely not! All of the characteristics can be learned and developed. Everyone has an opportunity to be a leader somewhere in his/her life. What leadership qualities do you possess? Which areas could use a refresher course? How do you plan to get there? Some leads from the leaders. 1. Read books and listen to tapes 2. Attend Workshops 3. Hire a Personal Coach 4. Create a personal & professional goal plan 5. Get involved – Join an association. Volunteer 6. Develop new habits There are many ways to develop your leadership skills. Find a .bination and lead on! And never f.et your sense of humor. ""Research shows that business leaders who achieve the best results get people to laugh three times more often than mediocre leaders." (Daniel Goleman – Could you be a Leader? June 16, 2002) About the Author: 相关的主题文章: