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Les game player love reality NPC new tour "three" zhenmi true secret as the saying goes, when there will be a demon! If a person to a certain level, will have a new continent, such as the "national husband Bea Hayden, such as" Fan Ye "Fan Bingbing, none has a large number of gay pink sister Liao master. Recently, adorable music network first VR Webpage Game "three", the "veil goddess" Zhen Ji was born, not only a large number of male game player received as a minister under skirt, more make Les game player bold love: "if you dare to publish her contact, I will bend", a time to become NPC popular reality the highest in the game. Les game player love reality NPC new tour "three" zhenmi true secret [girls join three play live NPC beauty deduction] splendor in the grass, why love a flower. Adorable "three" new music network invited a number of colleges and universities "girls" to join the fresh interpretation of all three beauties, and through many angles and details of shooting, Photogrammetry (photogrammetry) technology will use real image into the game, "NPC" to build the core gameplay. In the game, game player will be Diao Chan, Sun Shangxiang and other beauty for real-time voice interaction, triggering a new adventure, and with the story deeply, game player will also be able to unlock more from the real NPC interpretation of the innovative gameplay. Les game player love reality NPC new tour "three" zhenmi Zhenrong "three" secret play, send VR glasses! Players gather seven beauties in the game, you can receive free official custom VR glasses, get the best game experience of the 100%! Not only that, there are a lot of games for the beauty of the game, allowing players to interact with all the three beauties. [single-handed save Diao Chan hero outrageous] three as yen value of two people, one is Luo Zhen MI, the second is the one of the four beauties in Diao Chan. Adorable "three" new music network, game player will receive a "free Diao Chan" task, the original single-handed Longtan rescue of beauty. Among them, Diao Chan was wicked out of clothes, tied on the pillar of time ravaged, all you see beauty safety speed. When the player to save Diao Chan, you can recruit the way through the first to her, so that she will always be around you. Les game player love reality NPC new tour "three" zhenmi true secret [field encounter three black & mounts] Huang Yueying test drive every encounter, every time you look back, we are not necessarily romantic relationship, there may be a out of the ordinary life. Adorable "three" new music network map of Jingzhou, Huang Yueying is developing three black technology — 39, game player encounter with her, through many tasks can drive wooden ox, and other riding warfare is different, the 39 built a variety of different skills, whether it is day or fly, or attack, can control all. Les game player love reality NPC new tour "three" zhenmi [the Americans joined the secret true luxury package fun] God recruit prospective three troubled times, not only can be used to appreciate the beauty, but also can.相关的主题文章: