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Li Gen: happy home and away for long experience of Tencent and Li Gen FIBA cooperation happy sports Tencent in Beijing in September 20th for the Tencent in cooperation with FIBA news (reporter Chen Yueze Li Yinan) Beijing time on September 20th, the Tencent in the FIBA (FIBA) held a press conference in Beijing, announced that the two sides signed on the basis of all terminal media broadcast rights, will be further deepen cooperation. Men’s basketball national champion Li Gen as guests attended the event, Li Gen said in an interview, Tencent and FIBA cooperation is happy, the future league system of the new system, also can let China players increase a lot of knowledge. When it comes to participate in the Tencent and the FIBA cooperation conference experience, Li Gen said: "after the Tencent and FIBA participate in the signing ceremony, can let me know the first time FIBA will have more field forms, not only from TV, network broadcast platform, let the fans see in high level the basketball world, not only is the league, one thing that is particularly happy for the fans and players." Start from the beginning of November this year’s World Cup qualifier, and the new game system field system will be introduced to the game. In Li Gen’s view, this change can help Chinese players to increase their knowledge, through a high level of competition, to promote the improvement and development of China’s basketball level. "(this change) can make Chinese players grow more insight, and more high level teams, and the international standards can also be better basketball, with these teams can have more mobile phone will pay for us, every time is valuable experience. I believe that every Chinese basketball people want to make the development of Chinese basketball through this game better." Li Gen evaluation said.相关的主题文章: