Lippi is the backbone of national football back Zheng Zhi after 1 years to regain the captain’s armb 9c8950

Lippi is the backbone of national football back Zheng Zhi after 1 years to regain the captain’s armband [2] report Wu Lei’s 5-0 ball break Gao Lin Yan Junling drow head point sports in Kunming in November 9th (the Tencent Zhao Yu) although not Gao Hongbo’s attention, but Lippi in the national team, Zheng Zhi is still the core of the characters. He came back this time not only continue to play their own midfielder position, and again wearing the captain’s armband, he in the card in the battle will also continue to play the role of the captain. Zheng Zhi after a lapse of a year to regain the captain Zheng Zhi once served as national football captain, dates back to 40 when the race in November 17, 2015, the penultimate round, the Orangemen away 0-0 draw Chinese Hongkong, the boss of Perrin. In Gao Hongbo’s national team, Zheng Zhiceng had a brief return. But the coach group did not arrange him to play with midfielder position, but arranged for him to play the guard, but the performance is not completely satisfied. At that time the team has identified Feng Xiaoting as captain, so even if two people at the same time to play the game, do not wear the armband in Zheng Zhi’s left arm. After Gao Hongbo’s resignation, as coach of the national team, once again, the team has been reused in the national team, Zheng Zhi, Lippi. He first returned to his familiar bottom position, continue to wear the number 10 shirt, and the team has decided to keep Zheng Zhi as captain, is this arrangement with Wuhan zall team teaching during the games. To be sure, Zheng Zhi will continue to play the role of captain in the match against qatar. Lippi gave the Zheng Zhi’s position is mainly responsible for the defense, it can get the ball in the back, to stabilize the morale of the role. Of course, as an important candidate for captain Feng Xiaoting and Zhang Linpeng is also the team, once Zheng Zhi did not appear in court, then the two people will always be ready to take over the captain’s armband.相关的主题文章: